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The Tour of MISIA Discotheque Asia 2008 - HONG KONG

Yeaaa...just come back from Misia tour HK live concert, what a GREAT GREAT show!!!!! 大成功 MISIA!!!!!

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Stop global warming

I've found a very touching 3D animation short clip talk about global warming issue again. all of us really need to care about that. For us, for our next, next next, or next next next....generation, and for all the living organism on earth, pls take a look on this animation, and take action to stop it.


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On Your Mark

One of my friend in AnD posted up Aska concert event which reminds me long time ago, there is a MTV that i love much. It's Chage & Aska X Ghibli -- On your mark.

the song is good, music is good, animation is good, story is so touching. what a good mix. wish to share to those who didnt heard and saw b4.

On Your Mark.............


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森記圖書 SAM KEE Book store

Get so busy at work these few days, so haven't update my blog for a while. HK is a holiday today, so i go out for a walk, no specific destination, finally i come up to a book store named 森記圖書.

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2 days trip to Macau

Just come back from a 2days Macau trip with my family, we come back earlier today due to the Typhoon signal 8 :( poor..wanna enjoy more family time over there, because it's really a long long time ago since last time we go out and have a family trip together(its around 10 years ago..).

Actually, not just go for a trip with family, even just having some gathering with my parents in HK are rare to me. we will have dinner together in some big festival like chinese new year and mid autum festival, but for normal days, my busy wor...Read more

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1 day Canoe(獨木舟/カヌー) class.......damn tired! but FUN!!!

Yesterday i went to a canoe class with some of my colleague. it's a super hot day again.. all of us are rookie in playing canoe, and they have 3 different levels in learning canoe, they call it 1star, 2star and 3star level. haha its cute to name the level like this, like playing video games in different difficulties.(Mario kart??haha)

we learned how to get in/out the canoe in water. (it's hard actual...Read more

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Guitar self-learning

I have found a very good guitar self-learning website. Im now learning some beginner and basic stuff from there too such as different chord, and now im practicing some music from 宮崎駿 movie like 天空城,, etc.

It has a full learning course there, ranged from very beginner level to masterclass. most of the classes have pictures and even video tutorial stuff, make it very clear and easy to understand, the most important things is.....it's all free. very appreciate to the web developer.

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Global warming

super super HOT these few days in HK, even just sitting in an air-cond. room, i still keep sweating a lot...crazy. 

already past the mid-autum festival, but the Autum still not come yet, i like the weather in autum, cool and dry. hope she will come faster.

I think this is due to the global warming issue. poor Earth..poor north and south pole...poor human.

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My first Blog

Finally, I have my first blog, hope can share some of my stuff with you all here.

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