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Happy Birthday, D.Y.!



The Birthday "Boy" 


For your enjoyment and in keeping with my "I'm late for everything" theme for 2009, I present to ...Read more

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  Wow....we have been in an incredible heat wave for well over two weeks now.  Last Wednesday was definately the hottest with many temperatures in the low 100's!!!! JRS Jr. gives us a constant running temperature update on every hot day but on that day in particular I was shocked to hear her say that it was 100 degress....in the shade!   There was a breeze at one point but it was like turning on a hair dryer on your face it was so hot. 

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Maybe He'll Stick Around for Awhile...

** Warning:  I'm regressing into the role of "fan girl."   Gah! 


Wow.... DY SAO's incredibly busy life must be slowing down because he's AliveNotDead!  If you haven't already done so, check out his profile page to see updates on his latest project, On the Edge, scheduled for worldwide release (at least down in L.A.) on July 4, 2009!!!  Read more

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Poor Andre...

The fun stuff -- please enjoy!

Ah, poor ol' Andre'!  Isn't this typical of life in these trying times? 








The Boring Pity Pot Stuff -- Please feel free to skip it without strings attached.

I have so...Read more

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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!

  Take the quiz too! or   Visit the adidas Originals Profile

Naturally OriginalAt first glanc...Read more

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Welcoming the New Year

As promised, here's some pics from our New Year's Evecelebration down at my aunt and uncles.  It was a little weird because my daughter and her friend, Pearl, were not in attendance.  They were off with their respective college friends in Seattle (my daughter) and Portland (Pearl).  This is the first New Year's Eve that my daughter hasn't been with us.    ::sigh::  It probably won't be the last, either, as she is growing up and making more friends at college.

Our...Read more

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My Thanksgiving....

Yeah...I've been really super busy but I thought I'd post up the Thanksgiving picsfrom down at my aunt and uncle's place...

My hubby's appetizers...prawns, cocktail sauce, crackers and a wonderful cheese spread.



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Visit Jose, please....

I usually don't do this but I wanted to encourage my friends and fans to visit one of the other AnD members:   Jose Sanchez.   He's a fellow wushu practitioner and musician.  AnD is a wonderful environment to share one's thoughts and feelings and Jose has a couple of great blogs on the subject of love.  

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