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The ice creepeth closer this evening...

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Snow line is dropping! This is from a couple of days ago. If you zoom in, you can see Canadian Geese in the big pasture to the right of the fir tree (middle of the pic).

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Can't stop laughing! Mark Alexander Poletti Rock Man Kelly Jones Talsma Guiermo C. Wilder Zombiekilla Zen Taliesin

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The calm before the storm...haha! Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!

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Happy Year of the Dragon!!!

Happy Chinese New Year to Everyone! 






Teresa Wentzler's "Celestial Dragon" Counted-Cross Stitch -- I have this kit and some...Read more

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Well, we didn't get dumped on with any more than 1 foot of snow, fortunately, but it was enough to keep us trapped at home until today!  I took more video of the snow and set it to a couple of really awesome songs by David May.  So, if you ever wondered what it's like at my place, in the snow, take a look!

Oh, and look at something really interesting at the 10-minute mark:  there was a really thin layer of ice on the lake covered with slush.  A slight breeze caused some small waves and instead of breaking, the ice became a pliab...Read more

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A Quick Snow Vid

I took some footage around my house and neighborhood of a light snowfall that we were experiencing on Jan 16th, 2012.  I'm calling it the Calm Between the Storms because we're suppose to get hit really hard with some snow coming in tonight and through Wednesday. 


Video: http://youtu.be/CYC5pJOH_tw


THEY are predicting 1-2 feet!    


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Santa Says, "Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Enjoy some of these Holiday Season cartoons. 



 <...Read more

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Primordial Pillar QiGong

This past May one of my fellow taichi students, Gene Koselke, participated in a Taichi/QiGong group trip to China that included working with several QiGong and Taichi Masters.  One of the forms he learned was called the Primordial Pillar QiGong.  He came back and taught it to our class.  On September 2nd, I filmed him so we could do the form during the winter while he's in Mexico (lucky guy!).


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