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Summer time!!!

Yay, summer is finally here.  Usually it is not that hot in SF here, perhaps just 2-3 days then it'd be cool down again.  It's been kinda warm these days.  Nice and warm.  I love it!  I always want to go to the beaches, but most of my friends are afraid of getting dark skin >.<  Awww.... how sad.  We should enjoy the sunshine together.

I'm going to Vegas again the end of this month for 4 days with 5 other girls for one's birthday.  We're going to party hard, and will also have a pool party.  Can't wait!  Plus, I'm going to New York next month before my birthday with my best friend.  I haven't been there for 10 years.  I definitely don't remember anything about NY.  Now I'll think about how I'm going to celebrate my birthday.  I wish I could have a birthday bash in HK.  Hahaha...

I've just uploaded a few random pictures from this couple months.  I will post more after the Vegas trip!  Yeah, Vegas, here I come again!

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