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10-yr takeover

Let me start my blog on the 10 year take over day.  We don't have any celebration here of course.  I wonder how the big is in HK.

It's Patima and Guess's birthday week.  We all went to Whisper and Circolo.  It was a block party.  hella packed..... but not as packed as last week.  I can't believe I didn't drink any alcohol last night!  I'm surprised!!!  taught Guess a few techniques about drinking, so she didn't get drunk.  now she knows she can't get me drunk on my birthday!  hehe...

I didn't go to Clarice's baby party.  I've been asked if I was really going, I thought I was...... 


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Local Chinese TV channel showed the HK 10yr celebration of the hand-over. Didn't watch it though.
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