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Hong Kong trip

It's been 4 years I haven't come to Hong Kong.  I think I should come here more often.  I went to Andrew's exhibition last night.  It was awesome!  Congratulations Andrew!  The after party was amazing too.  Guess most people got wasted?  Haha...  You can check out my photo album I uploaded last night.

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New York, here I come!

One more week, and I'll be in New York.  Nothing has been planned out yet.  Me and my best friend just want to getaway from SF.  We'll go shop around, try different restaurant, going to nice lounges.  Any suggestions anyone?

I will upload the photos from my last Vegas trip this weekend.  It was a blast!  I'll share my happiness with ya'll.  =)

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Summer time!!!

Yay, summer is finally here.  Usually it is not that hot in SF here, perhaps just 2-3 days then it'd be cool down again.  It's been kinda warm these days.  Nice and warm.  I love it!  I always want to go to the beaches, but most of my friends are afraid of getting dark skin >.<  Awww.... how sad.  We should enjoy the sunshine together.

I'm going to Vegas again the end of this month for 4 days with 5 other girls for one's birthday.  We're going to party hard, and will also have a pool party.  Can't wait!  P...Read more

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Long time no see

It's been awhile that I haven't added anything in here.

Actually, I just started a new blog too.  Here you go:


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Vegas baby!


I had so much fun in Las Vegas during Labor Day weekend.  We were supposed to fly at first, but ended up driving.  It was a long ass drive... pretty tiring...  I didn't watch Grasshopper concert, I didn't go to Paul Van Dyke, I didn't go to Tiesto.  What a waste!

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My birthday!

I've celebrated my birthday 3 days in a row, but I only got drunk on Sunday, my exact birthday.  We went to Bottoms Up on Friday, Suede on Saturday, and Boomerang on Sunday.  I had so much fun, and hope they did too!  Everyone was even drunk than I did on both Friday and Saturday, haha...  It was funny!  Seems like it was their birthdays!

@ Suede ===>

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4 in the morning

I went to watch Gwen Stefani's concert in Sunnyvale a few months ago, and I'm going to watch her concert again in November!  yay!!!!!!


My favorite song:



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Winnie's and Cliff's birthdays

Last week I got to celebrate Winnie's and Cliff's birthdays for the whole weekend.  I couldn't believe I got drunk!  It's all grey goose' fault!  haha... 

Me and Winnie at NV ===>

Jojo, Cliff, and me at Bottom's Up ===>

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Peggy's birthday

It's my sister's birthday today.  She's celebrated for her birthday for almost a week.  We had a great time last night.  Thanks for all the friends coming for her birthday.  I know you all had to work early this morning.

It was hella fun at DJ Tiesto party last week.  I like his music.  He spins so good.  Hope he'll come over again sometime.  and we all can't wait for the one in September.

There were 13 guys and 4 girls going to Suede for Mike's birthday...Read more

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10-yr takeover

Let me start my blog on the 10 year take over day.  We don't have any celebration here of course.  I wonder how the big is in HK.

It's Patima and Guess's birthday week.  We all went to Whisper and Circolo.  It was a block party.  hella packed..... but not as packed as last week.  I can't believe I didn't drink any alcohol last night!  I'm surprised!!!  taught Guess a few techniques about drinking, so she didn't get drunk.  now she knows she can't get me drunk on my birthday!  hehe...

I didn't...Read more

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