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Done...first term is over


Yesterday I finished my first term Japanese examination . I had to study hard ......I did not use internet for about 2 weeks. I was fully immersed in my nihongo (japanese).

My great satisfaction was the Kanji test , I passed with an A. Now I can read about  200 charachters... but this is nothing........... I must know 2000 to pass this cou...Read more

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Yes, I gave up my job... because I had other dreams......

One was to study Japanese. Last April I started the full time japanese course at the  Nagasaki Sogo Kagaku Daigaku.In other words this is a 1 year course at the university.

And with my great surpise I made it thru the EMBA:

Offer of Admission AY2009-2010: Nanyang Executive MBA (English) Programme‏


DearMs Toto,

Congratulations! I am delighted to inform you that you have been selected for admission to the Nanyang Executive MBA (Engli...Read more

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Thanks everybody for your kind wishes for my birthday.You made me feel veryyyy happyyyy

Lately , I have been quite absent from the internet. I have a committment to open my laptop only during the week end.... The rest of the week I am keeping myself busy with studying.

Yes, I have quitted my job as I planned. Now I am studying Japanese full time at the Nagasaki Sogo Kagaku Daigaku. The university complex is on a hill standin...Read more

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One Day in Onomichi (2): Someone likes cats

..continuing...it seems that someone likes cats in the city of Onomichi.

 At each street corner I found something recalling cats drawings and even a whole garden place dedicated to cats..and a shop....cute little things...all around the city.

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One Day in Onomichi (1)

Few week s ago I visited Onomichi city. It is located  on the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. I spent one day strolling around the small city and I  discover some nice views and cozy litle streets.


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The Road Less Travelled (2009)

I just discosvered that Van Ness is working at a new Taiwanese movie:

The Road Less Travelled

The title sounds interesting. It is the story of boy bands , the Smash. The Story evolves around this band (Smash) aiming to fame.

Directed by Jimmy Hung. With Vanness Wu, Tatsuo Dean Fujioka, Jimmy Hung.

I was quite surprised ... I did not know. It se...Read more

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Is anyone keeping an eye on everything that's up there?

wo satellites smashed into each other on Tuesday, creating a mess of space debris that is still being counted.

The collision, which involved an Iridium communication satellite and a defunct Russian satellite, is the first to occur between two intact spacecraft - but experts say it is unlikely to be the last.

The worse is that UP THERE there are also old and u...Read more

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I noticed many people life is on the verge of changes...It might be that 2009 has started with a new wind indeed!

My contribution to changes has been dramatic, in the sense of radical!

I started the year with prayers and I received the message that indeed something was going to change. So, obeying that voice I finally executed the decision....and ................

........I resigned from my current job!

I have been meditating the matter for a long time...and I argued any side of it, then I took the step.

The...Read more

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Economic Crisis: who is to blame?

source: Professor Brendan McSweeney, University of London Professor of Management, School of Management, Royal Holloway

Culled from: Higher, Issue 10 Winter 08, pp.26. Royal Holloway University of LondonSigns of a dramatic economic downturn across the globe are evident. Even in Guangzhou, one of China’s largest manufacturing hubs, tens of thousands have lost their jobs. The knock-on effects of failure and paralysis in the banking sector, initially and primarily in Anglo-American countries, continue to have profoundly...Read more

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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Interview with John Perkins author of "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

Enjoy this clip about the world bank if you have never watched.

Small Addition:

I intended to post this  video to cast some light on what really happens behind the scenes of the economical and political world.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Part I


Confessions of an Econ...Read more

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Love, when shared, does not subside it can only turn you right side up!!! ...zooooooo..LovU and one anotherrrr! "Nothing is more difficult, and therefo

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