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A Professional Certified Massage therapist since 2005-present (on and off) looking for a new outlet. In hopes of sharing my healing touch and making it known far beyond my horizon. The world is my teacher and the people are my motivation to keep learning more and more. A healing Touch is more powerful then one can ever imagine, being able to live life helping touch someone else's life to make them smile. It's the best thing in life thats priceless. As an artist of the bodies healing venture, I too entertain. With my humor and love for dancing and music. On the hand hand I'd like to learn more about other ways of dancing, martial arts, films, photography, and so forth. Basically I enjoy learning new things or even being re-educated on what I already know.(updated is more like it) If someone wants to share what they've learned, drop me a line and I'll take my time to learn if you take your time to teach. (Vise-Versa)

to be continued

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