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Vietnam Slide Show Pics..



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Elva Hsiao & Wu Jing Music Video..

I am Diggin this Video!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/qrezdwpvGF4&hl=en

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Unbeliveable Martial Art Trailer...




On Bak 2:

Copy and paste for video: http://www.kungfucinema.com/?p=2295

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Kung Fu Panda..

This year has been a great year for Martial Arts Movies.

I took my son & Trang's (my fiance) nieces to go watch this movie on Saturday.

Not only were the kids in the theater laughin through out the movie.but the adults were too.

If there is any movie you go watch this summer, either catch "The Forbidden Kingdom or Kung Fu Panda"

I didn't know Angelina Jolie knew a Tiger Form ;)...maybe i should call her and we can compare our forms.

Pics provided by Kungfucinema.com

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Tai Chi Master -Dragon Dynasty

Dude! This is my favorite Kung Fu Flick of all time.

After watching this movie.. you will be able to tell where "Neo" (from the Matrix) carbon copied his Kung Fu moves.I'm refering to Neo in Matrix Reloaded when he is fighting all the Agents Smiths with his Staff

Copy & Paste from HK Flix:

Jet Li stars in this tale of two best friends, Junbao (Li) and Tienbao (Chin Siu-Ho), who grow up together in a Shaolin monastery. During a competition the hot-headed Tienbao comes into confl...Read more

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Dragon Dynasty..

Yea man!

Got this Cap today..as a Gift from HK Flix!

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Chinese Kung Fu/Chin Woo-Taiji Legacy...

In 2007 Jaedon & I competed in Taiji Legacy International Kung Fu Tournament.

These tournaments bring out the best traditiional style Kung Fu Practicioners, Im not talking about Wushu (nothing against wushu..I think it takes A lot of Talent & physical ability to do wushu)

But Chin Woo/ Taiji Legacy is designed for traditional Style Chinese Martial Arts..in fact i was watching one guy perform a Eagle Claw routine and he was disqualified, because the judges thought it was to "Wushu Like"...Read more

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Favorite pair of Shoes..

Ok we were having a Discussion earlier, Trang's Aunt said she was going to buy me some new pants & some new shoes..I asked why?

Hahn (Trang's Aunt) said that my shoes were dirty and my pants needing some sewing done to them. Trang smiled and agreed with her.

I don't have a problem with them buying me new stuff..but I probably won't wear them :).

I love my Cargo pants & Feiyue shoes.

So i ask you for the people who read my blog whats your favorite pair of shoes?

...Read more

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Thats Right..I went to pick up our tickets during my Lunch!

Jaedon and I are so Hyped up for this Movie! I can't WAIT!

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Jet Li Stage..

Ok guys, as most of you know My son and I study Kung Fu, so Kung Fu is a big part of our lives.

Jaedon(my son) and I..at times..can be totally consumed with Kung Fu.

Currently we are going through a "Jet Li" Stage..so i wanted to share with you guys a Movie clip/video that is in my opinion Jet Li's Best Work.

The movie shows off martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo Ping amazing work.. there is a Fight Scene that Jet Li has with a Staff/Stick that you can tell reflectes Neo's fight (from the Matrix Reloa...Read more

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