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How to Use a Toilet

Had to pop into uni today to get some study done. When I went to the toilet, I noticed this sign (see below) staring at me.

I was told by the Security Officers that several toilets on campus have been destroyed, given that some students (please don't be Asian) have been squating and in turn damaging the sits. I would not have thought to squat, at least not at uni seeing as the sits are small and the cubicles confined. I'd be worried about slipping my foot into a pool of ... Mr. Hankey...

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ah getting used to new ways can be challenging for some it is hard to put ones bum on a toilet seat where so many other bums have been once one is used to squat toilets. Of course it is possible to squat over a western loo whilst standing on the floor - great quad workout ^_~
about 10 years ago
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how have you been - I have been away for a while
about 10 years ago
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Oh, my....I cannot believe I've been doing it wrong for my whole life! haha!
about 10 years ago
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lmao, I couldn't help but laugh at this.... This is why they have seat protector things to cover the seat then you can sit...
about 10 years ago
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At first I thought this was a joke! lol that's pretty bad. I hope the study is going well.
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Haven't come across a sign like that yet.
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haha... that's funny!!! I wonder how effective the sign will be... =D
about 10 years ago
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You sit on them? Dang... so many wasted years at uni, so many accidents that could have been avoided! I must remember that next time I'm presenting at your university...
about 10 years ago
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I've seen those at our university and I completely don't understand why anyone would stand/squat with feet on the toilet like that.
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