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10 more days


10 more days to the release of A dinner Two People's World!

一人晚餐二人世界 I' m really happyand excited for her! Its her debut album!!

Do support ya!!

Way to go Girl! Give your best shot!

Show others what you are made of! That you can be a great singer too! Multi talented!!

がんばって!加油!You can do it! 10 more days to my exam too.. sigh

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Did you guys see the Opening ceremony of the 08 Olympics?

Well I did and so did my family and we all agreed it was spectacular!

It was definately  an eye opening performance  for the foreigners showing them how great we Chinese can be and they shouldn't belittle the PRCs.

The drum performance was awesome! Great coordination from 2008 males! I take my hat of them.

First day of the games today.. And I've started watching a couple of sports.

To be honest I aint supporting my own country. Oops. yea i s...Read more

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Can I bear to leave them?

I ended my job with the flyer last thurs on the 31st July with a very very heavy heart. If it wasn't for school I guess I would have stayed on and continue with them..

I've been with them for 3 months and though time was short that bondbetween us were really strong. Sometimes I see them more often then I see my family members a week!

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What makes a good song?

In my opinion its a song that everyone fights to does a remake of it or a song that everyone have heard and knows how to sing it even till many years that has past.

Remember one of Jacky Cheung hit single 每天爱你多一些 ? yea that's a good song.

Its only now then I realise Jacky did that remake of the song. (Thanks to pi of NEWS who recommend this song and claim that its his favourite love song of all time)

The original version of that song is a Japanese song 真夏の果実 manatsu no kajitsu which is sa...Read more

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sick AGAIN

I've been ill again for the past 2 days.

Same old sickness again that happened to me when I was in HK in 2006 as well as this yr 2008..

Bloody gastric! It just cant seem to go away! It LOVES me  But I HATE it

To me eating is a chore! Sigh Ever since I've been awfully ill (terrible food poisoning) in early 2006 I dislike eating. Whenever I eat, I will be sleepy. I eat to live unlike o...Read more

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I was watching TVB8 Entertainment News Frontline and well reports say that Misia is coming to Singapore to hold a concert! Great! It has been awfully rare for a japanese singer to hold a concert here and now is one of this singer that I kinda admire the most!

Misia have such a powerful voice!  She is most widely known for singing "Everything"



Her recent song 約束の翼 Yasouk...Read more

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Wanted to share pictures taken in the during the night ride and day ride of the Flyer but I realise I deleted the pictures taken during the night.

For those who didnt know, I'm currently working at the World largest observation Wheel (for now) but I will be leaving my job at the end of this month for studies. Uni is starting soon.

Yea I took the ride for 4 times already! haha twice in the night and twice in the day after work together with my colleagues. I must say both have their unique selling point.

The night ride is mor...Read more

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Bleeding Love

 I belive many of you have heard of the hit single bleeding love by Leona Lewis..

But do you guys know who the original singer is?

Bleeding Love was originally sang by Jesse McCartney

haha well this song is co written by Jesse mccartney and ryan teddy.

Jesse wrote this song about his girlfriend and their long distance relationship whom he nearly gave up his career for. Which explains the lyrics and the meaning behind this song. This song is very personal to Jesse and he originally wrote it for his own record.Read more

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I've finally sort out my life in a proper manner now..

I graduated with a diploma in early March and graduation ceremony is this coming thursday.

How fast time flies ya.. 3 years has passed and I'm done with tertiary education and embarking on another at a higher level.

Past 2 months was just slacking and slacking without any plans ahead and I had a trip to HK.

I'm glad things have worked out well for me recently.

Both education and holidays

I'm now an official student of Murdoch. Gonna...Read more

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Sarah Brightman

Have you all heard her new album symphony?

Well I just did and I'm lovin it!

I've just seen her live performance of her performing her latest hit song symphony and thought I shall share it with you all!

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=IX4SuL5UmWA



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