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Together with my friends, we attended the Singapore Japanese Summer Festival Natsu matsuri 夏祭り) organize by the Japanese Association at the Japanese School

This festival is held annually and most of us wore our traditional costumes there, I haven't gotten my yukata yet but thankfully my friend lend hers to me!

It was raining that day! n the field was wet sigh.. Should call it Rain Festival (Ame Matsuri 雨祭り) instead. Well because of the rain the stage as you can see in the pic on the left is empty and they shifted in to the hall

This is me inside the hall ( how do i look?)           This cute little kid was sitting in front of me!


The dashing Japanese soccer boys!

The very interesting signage outside the hall

Please keep your shoes into plastic bads inside sports hall (weird English)

We played the traditional Japanese Game

Using paper clips to "fish" out the water balloons.. It's not at all easy as you think!


My friends and I

The things I bought and gotten from the festival The uchiwa (fan) is free as well as the water balloon that we won from the game.

I bought Asahi beer, sweets as well as keychain and the summer festival shirt![](/attachments/2008/08/37737_2008082612433746.thumb.jpg)

Was really fun! Am now looking forward to the next event! Waseda Secondary Opening!

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Photo 37355
so cute wearing a kimono~
over 11 years ago
Photo 37737
Thanks for the compliment! haha that's yukatta not kimono.. its a thinner version of kimono for summer!
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