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Did you guys see the Opening ceremony of the 08 Olympics?

Well I did and so did my family and we all agreed it was spectacular!

It was definately  an eye opening performance  for the foreigners showing them how great we Chinese can be and they shouldn't belittle the PRCs.

The drum performance was awesome! Great coordination from 2008 males! I take my hat of them.

First day of the games today.. And I've started watching a couple of sports.

To be honest I aint supporting my own country. Oops. yea i support different countries in different sports! haha

I caught handball game today n it was such an exciting game between Hungary n Sweden! The hungarians were so fast in attacking!  Its a pity that handball game is more of a European sport and very very few Asia countries play it. I've never tried that before and would love to! It looks better than basketball!

I watch beach volleyball next n it wasnt as exciting as the handball match.. Australia vs Russia kinda boring..

Swimming next and wow! Phelps did well as usual its good to see him again! ! I wanna see his performance in the finals!

Volleyball! USA vs Japan! One of the best volleyball games I've seen! Japan put up such a strong fight! Yes I'm a Nihon supporter! It was such a close fight! with USA winning the 1st 3rd n 4th match n Japan 2nd match n the scores were so close!! 20-25 25-20 19-25 21-25

That's for today! I'm glad I have a few days to rest n sit back to enjoy the olympics before uni starts next week.

What games will u be watching?

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