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sick AGAIN

I've been ill again for the past 2 days.

Same old sickness again that happened to me when I was in HK in 2006 as well as this yr 2008..

Bloody gastric! It just cant seem to go away! It LOVES me  But I HATE it

To me eating is a chore! Sigh Ever since I've been awfully ill (terrible food poisoning) in early 2006 I dislike eating. Whenever I eat, I will be sleepy. I eat to live unlike others that live to eat.

If only I can just open up or zip up my stomach whenever i'm hungry to throw food in it and then sew or zip it back. Life will be wonderful for me then

Japanese test tmr and I've yet to study finish! Been so tired n sleepy due to the gastric pain that I can't concentrate n didnt have time to study. Sigh

I'm praying hard that lady luck is smilingat me tmr!

N I like David Cook version of Always be my baby!  Give such a different view of the song that was originally sang by Mariah Carey! David version is more emotional!

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=a8j0_qfxL-0

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