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Reminiscing the Past

It's teacher's day on Sept 1 for Singapore and well celebration was held on the 29th Aug.

I went back to sec school this day to visit my teachers and express my thanks to them for their guidance back in the past.

Lots of changes to the school, many of my teachers left but I'm glad my chemistry teacher remembered my friends and I from the notorious class as well as I use to be a prefect!

The school now is really artistic looking.

Check out the painting on the floor outside the home economics room

My ex-classmates!

and that night on the 29th, my class finally had a gathering after 3 years since we left school!

Was really good to see half the class as the other half couldn't make it due to NS and work...

My class 4E2 back in 2004 when we were in Malaysia for an overseas geography study trip

i'm  in the 1st row entirely blue with glasses and cap

and this is us after 3 years!

My my how much all of us have grown!

I'm so glad all of us are on the right path contributing to the society either by serving national service, working or studying rather than doing something against the law..

Was a pity that it was a pretty short gathering but still was great to see everyone!

All left except the 4 of us as we stayed till 1am to chit chat..

Talking bout how we are now compared to the past and yea!

Ironically discussing bout Heart of Greed! haha

n it was really nice of my friend to send me home

Cheers guys!

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the painting on the wall is so beautiful !! I think your chemistry teacher must be a very kind person. usually the classmates in secondary school will probably become our best friends in our whole lives.for me all of my confidants are my former schoolmates in secondary school as well. how about yours?
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My chemistry teacher is a very nice person! haha I remember there was once she ask my classmate to jump down and my classmate rebutt telling her if she jumps down, she will bounce up (cuz she's fat) and she didnt scold him and we laugh together! yea my secondary school friends are my confidants however they aren't my classmates but my schoolmates! haha
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