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My week

This week past faster as compared to last week.

Perhaps this week have been a very very busy week for me as well as the weeks to come.

Lots of deadlines both at the end of this month as well as early nov..

I nearly went mad trying to write a thesis.. So difficult to write! and I had to spend a day at the library clearing the entire Marketing section just to find books to argue about a point.. Deadline for that horrid assignment is next fri and I've yet to start I've a test next sat and I've yet to study! What on earth am I doing man? and Jap exam is coming soon in 2 weeks time.. God I'm running out of time... Especially when I've caught the sleeping bug! I'm just wanting to sleep every minute!

My friend just intro me an old song from Utada Hikaru yea my favourite Jap singer.. and this song is simply lovely! Its a theme song for this new Jap drama Innocent Love and somehow reminded me of an old drama Majo no Jouken where Hikaru sang for the theme song First Love as well!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBRfeGb98Y4

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i like Utada Hikaru too...i like her songs....
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