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Wanted to share pictures taken in the during the night ride and day ride of the Flyer but I realise I deleted the pictures taken during the night.

For those who didnt know, I'm currently working at the World largest observation Wheel (for now) but I will be leaving my job at the end of this month for studies. Uni is starting soon.

Yea I took the ride for 4 times already! haha twice in the night and twice in the day after work together with my colleagues. I must say both have their unique selling point.

The night ride is more suitable for couples who seeks romance where you can see the lights of Singapore whereas for the day ride is more suitable for people who wishes to see a better skyline of Singapore as well as the neighbouring islands around her. I prefer the day ride where I can see a better view of Singapore.

Don't believe? Take a look!

You call this a capsule.. There are 28 capsules in total that are fully air conditioned.

This is the track for the upcoming F1 night street race in Singapore. I'm not sure why but it looks like Miami to me! haha

The city.. Tts the floating stadium for national day

The hotels around..

The other parts of Singapore

With my colleagues

took this from the position that I was standing from during work.. shhh

Do try taking the Flyer! Even tourist from the London Eye came and said that the view from the Flyer is wonderful!

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