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Can I bear to leave them?

I ended my job with the flyer last thurs on the 31st July with a very very heavy heart. If it wasn't for school I guess I would have stayed on and continue with them..

I've been with them for 3 months and though time was short that bondbetween us were really strong. Sometimes I see them more often then I see my family members a week!

      and so on my last day, I went round taking photos with my colleagues and I'm still not done yet!


My last ride at the Flyer! sigh.. Oh yea we changed the rotation already! so now its moving clockwise..

B4 i left, I took photos of the mural that were placed up recently 

The times spent with them will never be forgotten and will forever be in my memories for as long as I live..

Watch out for the bus!!                              Check out our kungfu!


The link bridge...                                         Myself at the deck


 Our BBQ session!

Crazy K session


  Take Care guys! I will visit you all whenever I'm free!!!

Thanks for everything!

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Photo 37355
Fortunately we have camera which can capture this precious moment for us.You are lucky to know such lovely friends in just 3 months!
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Photo 37737
Yea indeed i am.. Thank god we are living in an IT era! imagine if it was in the past, wow only ur brain cells can capture!
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