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whoa. i got home from Cebu yesterday and it was one awesome ride. I didn't think that I would cry but I did because I really had fun and our group bonded that much and I am certain that I will miss them. Lord, thank you for all the opportunities that you've been giving me. I will forever treasure them.

I appreciate every people that I met there. they've been so kind and fun to be with. I know that God has a plan for me and I'm slowly discovering it. I lay down everything to HIM because I know that all things would turn out fine. ...Read more

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God's creation

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how long

it's been quite a while since I haven't updated my blog here. i've been pretty pissed at some people from work and it's not healthy. I begin to complain and feel irritated! :(

Lord, I thank you for the patience. :)

Pastor Jaeson Ma replied to my twitter message! He's an awesome pastor!

follow him everyone! www.twitter.com/jaesonma

GOD BLESS everyone!!!!

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I am insecure!

The Causes of Insecurity

Dr Charles stanley

Psalm 8

Insecurity is a subtle danger. In order to recognize this problem in our lives, we must take an honest look at where it originates. Let's identify some common causes for a lack of confidence.

First, insecurity grows out of a persistent sense of being unaccepted. When we grow up thinking no one really likes us, we turn into chronically shy, unconfident adults.

Second, tragedy can initiate such feelings. Broken homes, the death of a loved one, and ...Read more

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VanNess'blog that made me cry :)

i am so proud of VanNess WU. I love him. But let's start here...about a month ago my Pastor, Jon emailed me asking if I would help promote a book called "Purity" by Kris Vallotton. He said that they have translated it into Chinese and thought since I was going through something similar (my whole no sex thing) if I could take a look at the manuscript. And if I was up to it write a little something on the book. The only thing was, it's in Chinese. He said he wo...Read more

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How could I survive this job? I'm just starting yet I'm about to give up. But there's no escaping this one. hay. what will happen if tita will retire already? are they gonna gang up on me? i've only been there what...2 weeks? and they already expect a lot from me! hay. high expectations are soooo NOT my type. oh well. pressure. yet, I find peace in the Lord!!! :D

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Michael Jackson in HEAVEN

This is a moment that I wouldn't thought I'd live to see. Eventhough me need MJ, God must've needed him more. ~Stevie Wonder on MJ's memorial.

Don't focus on the star, focus on the journey.

There's nothing that couldn't be done, we raise our voice as one.

John C. Mayer performed Human Nature. :)

I believe so much in God. I believe that this is not it. That there is life after this is done.

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to all ATHEIST

Dear God,

    Bless this site. There are a lot of atheist here. People who do not believe in you and in your capacity to bless your creations and fill them with love. Lord, I pity them for they did not get to experience the good things that awaits them if they are with you. Lord, they are fools for not trusting and believing in what is unseen.

      Lord, I pray for these people for they do not know YOU. You are our one and only God, our creator and saviour. Lord, I know that these people are stubborn and are hard to understan...Read more

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Give you my heart


I love VanNess Wu. He is with the Lord!!

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not so happy

I got what I wanted yet I am not happy. why? :(      I wanted to work at this bank sooo bad, yet now that i'm here...it feels weird.

     I miss the other bank :( I miss everything.

     I feel stupid. First day stinks. Where would I get the job satisfaction that i've been looking for? where???

     I don't need the much needed cash. I need happiness and IT alone. I need Contentment!!!!

     Why do I feel sad? why do I feel this way? I want to be a tellerrrrrr!! NOT a new accounts personnel!!!!!!!!!!!!...Read more

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