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Harumi Takano

'Far Apart, Close At Heart' Memorial Events for Leslie Cheung 2011

From RED MISSION ForumAs we move into 2011, we are still busy coping with our work and our hectic lifestyle.  When we take a break from the hustle and bustle of our everyday living, there is no better way to refresh our minds than by listening to Leslie’s music and watching his films.

We know well that this is the best way to recharge our batteries as we continue to pursue our various goals in life.  Day after day, year after year…no matter how many years roll on, though fate has led Leslie to another place, we still have him close to our hearts.. }% s+ T, i# K  L( c1 } ( K" N1 J2 _+ Z As in the past 7 years, Red Mission will carry on the tradition of holding an evening memorial program at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza in Tsim Sha Tsui.   s2 l( m  k0 M, L  i" f" y To coincide with this year’s 20th anniversary of the premiere of the award-winning movie, ‘Days of Being Wild’, in which Leslie won the Best Actor Award, we will be launching a thematic retrospection of the film, which will include a movie screening and a sharing session. 

Where Memories Linger – Leslie Cheung in Asia

Last year, Leslie was selected as the 3rd ‘Most Iconic Musicians in the World Over the Past 50 years’ in a poll taken by Cable News Networks (CNN). 

He is a brilliant talent widely recognized not only in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, but also across different continents.

In this year’s evening event, we will be tracking Leslie’s performances around Asia.

6 V9 R4 ~1 T4 v  V* h- q! N( M Evening Memorial Gathering " L5 z2 E; l" @7 h

Date: 1 April 2011$ N  P% s' r) M* [; Y, _2 [. Z Time: 8:30 pm Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, Tsim Sha Tsui Program: Video screening of Leslie’s Performances in Asia) j* x" M2 i' h) F/ \' U

*Free admission to the public

Remembering the Unforgettable – In Retrospect 3 C- M3 M5 c; Q* r7 N* h3 y5 ?/ P% E ; e) c) H% X- u. o8 |7 t, Z became the talk of the town when it was first screened 20 years ago.

As a pivotal figure of the movie, Leslie won Best Actor Award at the 10th Hong Kong Film Awards. + ]+ w' N! Y: R) K- m His superb acting brought to life the character of Yuddy and created some unforgettable scenes in the film.  This film has withstood the test of time and is now regarded as a cinematic classic. ' a( R% G* I% ]* K3 U" n This year marks the 20th anniversary of the movie and we will take this opportunity to appreciate this classic film once again.  In conjunction with the screening, a thematic seminar and exhibition will also be held. " ^" K( ~9 o  M1 Q: D' w

20th Anniversary of - Memorabilia Exhibition . e5 V9 b3 ^) P2 q ) u& }: ?2 B1 j  @' }! U$ F5 b9 N Date: 28 March 2011    Time: 6pm - 8:30pm (Opening Ceremony)   Time: 7pm  (Guest-of-honour: Ms Rebecca Poon)    29 March – 3 April 2011     Time: 11am – 8:30pmVenue: Sport X Lobby, 2nd Floor, Harbour City, Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui

Contents: The Exhibition is to  showcase various memorabilia relating to like movie stills, behind-the-scene photos, video-audio products, posters and newspaper clippings.  Movie trailers, advertisements and other special footages will also be shown.  There will also be a charity sale counter at the venue offering items such as RED CARD, Leslie poster, book, DVD etc for charity sale. * All proceeds net of expenses will be donated to Children Cancer Foundation & Red Cross Japan to support the victims who suffered by Earthquake and Tsunami. " ^1 G( _, y( Q

** Free admission to the public, l# K8 ~9 Y) c: ^5 X

Screening of / b' H  r: - Z3 M# K4 L7 ^

Date:  2 April 2011, Saturday (Re-mastered Version)          3 April 2011, Sunday (Original Film Version)e9 b8 p0 O1 H: e, ? Time: 4pm – 5:35pm Venue: Golden Harvest Cinema at Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui *Ticket price: HK$60  Ticket Booking:

  • All proceeds net of expenses will be donated Red Cross Japan to support the victims who suffered by Earthquake and Tsunami.( b; R  a; e& L : a- v. S" D  Q  _ 2 F7 |" p  Z, T4 O. ? : e8 d1 ?5 {0 f! s, e- F, ~4 D 20th Anniversary of - Sharing Session

Date: 2 April 2011 Time: 5:45pm – 7:00 pm$ B& _3 e; s1 z: _: t$ T% f$ v Venue: Golden Harvest Cinema at Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui Contents: Special guest(s) to review Leslie’s performance in the movie. *Free admission. , D9 Y E2 r( [  K" B3 t3 [ Admission priority reserved for holders of movie tickets.6 E! e- x% t1 x- E  W" Y

20th Anniversary of - Exhibition at Avenue of Stars + H' ~; x% Z9 V' K& P7 w" b, P

Date: 28 March – 3 April 2011' K/ w; k( ?7 }( o( A Venue: Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong Contents: Exhibition panels displaying movie stills, posters, classic movie quotes as well as memorable images of Leslie will be placed  near Leslie’s plaque at the Avenue of Stars.

**Free admission.

General public is welcomed

Memorial Activity at Madame Tussauds

% P$ G- ]! T4 _1 ]8 b Date: 28 March – 6 April 20114 ~( p+ R% V* D$ y+ R Time: 10am – 10 pm Venue:  Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, The Peak8 r- W8 o& Y8 |1 Y% Y Program: A specific location by the wax figure of Leslie will be designated for flower presentation.  There will be a projector screen at the venue showing video of Leslie fans memorial activities. ! \1 o9 k1 c* y' P Ticket Price: Red Mission Membership Card holders visiting the museum during the above-mentioned period are entitled to purchase the admission tickets at a concessionary price . * V- P  @$ V6 L/ K6 q. O" N8 v & @8 ~9 ]: M( L: o. f0 [/ r *Flower Presentation outside Mandarin Oriental Hotel ** 3 o& K6 w4 D, K6 a# t% d, S ( |7 z0 m/ M  S! Z/ B Date & Time: 2pm, 31 March - midnight, 2 April 2011 (12am, 3 April)# u9 q2 v! I; ?) S. P) b  n* B1 T( H Place: Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Ice House Street, Central$ Z2 U" @" N+ h: i1 E4 N + f) d5 Q& l0 p

Co-organized Event :

Memorial Concert + X. S, V: k+ T( {; \ 9 F4 t% ^1 T% t$ _) N( O Date: 4 April 2011 Time: 8:30pm Venue: Fringe Gallery, Central, Hong Kong, N7 b: N" B! M) z% l4 S7 e& M Organizer: 音樂猿人YUEN MAN KIT : q+ e+ i& E  D6 l1 n (袁文傑) and ANDY LAU Program: Local bands to perform the golden hits of Leslie! M" s4 ! |7 S  Y Performers: Hei Wong, Season Lee and Friend, Zone D, The Hurricane, Ever, Kolor8 X9 g' }) \/ V( ]2; O Price: HK$100 (advance booking) and HK$120 (at the entrance), including 1 drink  n, m7 Y7 C- o5 I( J Enquiry: / 2521 7251' K' C& A# B3 H. E5 R& n * All proceeds net of expenses will be donated to charity

Video for the Memorial Events :

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March 31

After that my friend and I went to Sham Shui Po and walked around the market. I thought this market looks like 秋葉原(Akihabara) in Japan.

Then we went to Hong Kong Film Archive to donate the books of Leslie for RED MISSION Japan activity. (RED MISSION Japan donated books of Leslie to HKFA every year.)

This year we donated these books.

(The One and Only Japanese edition, Kazuhiro Nishijima photo book, 2 ASIAN magazines,POP ASIA magazine)

We went back to Tsim Sha Tsui for the Mass for Leslie. We had time for an hour, so we went to Charlie Brown Cafe and had some coffee.

We attended the Mass for Leslie at Rosary church. I could meet some Leslie's oversea fan friends there. We prayed for Leslie together. The Priest talked about the resurrection. I was happy to hear the name of Leslie from the Priest.

After the Mass, Fuko, Marie, Molle, Simie, Angelina and I had a dinner together.


We had a fun time together. :-) I like Chinese foods.

After the dinner we went to Mandarin Oriental Hotel to see the sea of flowers.  Many beautiful flower stands and bouquets were there. I like to read the fan's messages to Leslie because I can feel our feeling to Leslie from their messages.  We love Leslie Cheung forever.

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My favourite restaurant

March 31

I went to the flower shop to order bouquets in the morning. Then my friend and I went to 蓮香樓 in 上環.

We had a great breakfast !!

After the breakfast we walked the location of the movie "The Kid" and photo book "All about Leslie".

We also went to Cat street and 文武廟. We went to Bi-weekly office to pick my ordered books up. I bought "Leslie Cheung Movie Posters collection" and "The Legacy of Leslie Cheung—–A soul on film" .

After the short break, we went to Citywalk2.

to be continue...

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Mido Cafe

March 30th

I went to the air port to see my companion off in the morning and had breakfast there.

In the afternoon I went shopping to 深水捗(Sham sui po), women's market, Sino centre, Men's market(Temple street) and Shaghai street.

I found a LP as below at Sham sui po. It was HKD10!! I have this LP but I don't have a poster, so I was happy to get it.

I also bought a LED fan at Sham sui po. It was wonderful!! I could show 6 English messages. It was HKD35.


I had a dinner at Mido cafe on Temple street. I sat near the window, so I enjoyed the outside view. :-)


Tea with milk


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Charlie Brown Cafe

March 29th

I went to Charlie Brown Cafe in the morning. I wanted to come to this cafe. This cafe is not  in Japan. I don't know Leslie liked this cafe or not, but I know he liked snoopy.

The sweets were so cute! My companion and I had a wonderful tea time. There was a quiet and comfortable cafe. We had a relaxation time.

After that we went shopping to Sino centre and women's market. I bought a travel tea set (bag, 6 tea cups, a tea cup with a lid, 1 jug and tweezers) at the women's market. :-)

I like this way of drinking Chinese tea. 

I found Chinese poem on the tea cups. I checked where this poem comes from.


卷583_42 《蓮花》溫庭筠



I got this poem's source. This flower is a water lily but I can't get this poem's meaning.   googleadsection_end(name=section2)

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Air Leslie

March 28th

I went to Citywalk 2 for attend the opening ceremony of Leslie Cheung's Classic Stage Performances Exhibition around 3:00pm as a RED MISSION Japan staff.

RED MISSION (Hong Kong) staffs introdeced me to Mrs. Mok(Children's cancer associastion) and a woman who works at Citywalk 2 (She is a manager of Citywalk 2). We exchanged our namecard.

At the ceremony, honestly said I didn't understand what  they say because I can't understand Cantonese, but Mrs. Mok said "Please continue Leslie's Spirit" in English, so I was touched by her speech indeed. :-)

A man told something and sang Leslie's Monica.

A man told something about Leslie. And I could see the dance performance show. It made me fun. :-)

In Japan we called them like  "Air Leslie". It means they pretended Leslie's dance perrformance, but voice is real Leslie's.

They were instructors of Hong Kong Funky Dance Centre. They will open  "Leslie Cheung FUNKY DANCE WORKSHOP" in this year.

See detail: You can see photos of  the performance in Citywalk 2 on Kelley's blog.

Kelley's blog:

After the ceremony and dance performance, I looked around the exhibition. I didn't take any photo because so many people were there. I only took this photo (below).

This picture (below) was taken in the morning on 30th March.

I met AnD friends Marie and Molle there. :-) We went to Sino centre to look for something about Leslie's together. Then we bought some small Leslie's items for ourselves.  I thought we were like teenager girls when we looked for Leslie's.

After that we had a dinner.

We ate a lot, chatted a lot, and I was full up my stomach and heart. :-)

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I am what I am

March 28th

I ate congee for breakfast. I like Chinese congee. We have congee in Japan but usually it is for sick man or baby. It is not tasty. Old Japanese people imagined congee is equal to meal for the sick.

After the breakfast I went shopping and foot massage. :-)

I bought 7 Leslie's CD+DVD "I am what I am" for my friends and me from HMV.

I also boght cookies from Jenny barkery. I like it and my family love it, too. I always bought it for my family when I came to Hong Kong.

Jenny barkery's tin can is always Teddy Bear on it. I like Teddy Bear, so I will keep them. :-)

I like to eat egg tart and chiken pie.  I ate them for lunch.

This afternoon I went to Citywalk2 to attend the opening ceremony of RED MISSION's exhibition.

to be continue...

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The Angel

March 27th

I had a breakfast at  唯一麺家. I recommend you these dishes.

唯一麺家: 九龍尖沙咀厚福街10號地下 (852)2311-1498

After that I went to Happy valley to look for the location place  of "From ashes to ashes". I wanted to see the angel in that movie.

I misunderstood because  I imagined that the angel is in the Catholic graves. I walked around there for long time but I couldn't find it.  I sat on the bench and checked my map again. Then I found the name of 香港墳墓.  It was not there but near there. So I walked to 香港墳墓 and finally I found it. :-)

It was a beautiful and quiet place indeed. 

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Delicious foods

March 27th

I stoped by sweet shop '晶晶甜品'. I was very surprised because I met my friend there. She was with her mother. :-)

After that I went to Stanley by bus from Central.

I walked around the Stanley market and had a late lunch at the restaurant. My companion wanted to eat fish and tips at this restaurant. :-)

I went back to Tsim Sha Tsui and had a dinner at  '公和豆品'

I ate green noodles with Tofu. It was yummy.


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I went to Hong Kong from 26th March to 4th April, 2010. I met many Leslie fans friends there and had lunch or dinner with them. I was happy to know how much we love Leslie Cheung!!

March 26

I went to Hong Kong by Delta airline.  I found "BANG & OLUFSEN" earphone on in-flight shopping magazine. I had read Leslie loved BANG & OLUFSEN and he used their machinery in his house from his friend's book. But these are very expensive indeed. I always want to have something that concern Leslie, so I bought this earphone. :-)

I like this design and sound. I always use it with my iPod.


I arrived at the hotel room around 1:00am.  

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