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'Far Apart, Close At Heart' Memorial Events for Leslie Cheung 2011

From RED MISSION ForumAs we move into 2011, we are still busy coping with our work and our hectic lifestyle.  When we take a break from the hustle and bustle of our everyday living, there is no better way to refresh our minds than by listening to Leslie’s music and watching his films.

We know well that this is the best way to recharge our b...Read more

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March 31

After that my friend and I went to Sham Shui Po and walked around the market. I thought this market looks like 秋葉原(Akihabara) in Japan.

Then we went to Hong Kong Film Archive to donate the books of Leslie for RED MISSION Japan activity. (RED MISSION Japan donated books of Leslie to HKFA every year.)

This year we donated these books.

(The One and Only Japanese edition, Kazuhiro Nishijima photo book, 2 ASIAN magazines,POP ASIA magazine)

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My favourite restaurant

March 31

I went to the flower shop to order bouquets in the morning. Then my friend and I went to 蓮香樓 in 上環.

We had a great breakfast !!

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Mido Cafe

March 30th

I went to the air port to see my companion off in the morning and had breakfast there.

In the afternoon I went shopping to 深水捗(Sham sui po), women's market, Sino centre, Men's market(Temple street) and Shaghai street.

I found a LP as below at Sham sui po. It was HKD10!! I have this LP but I don't have a poster, so I was happy to get it.

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Charlie Brown Cafe

March 29th

I went to Charlie Brown Cafe in the morning. I wanted to come to this cafe. This cafe is not  in Japan. I don't know Leslie liked this cafe or not, but I know he liked snoopy.

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Air Leslie

March 28th

I went to Citywalk 2 for attend the opening ceremony of Leslie Cheung's Classic Stage Performances Exhibition around 3:00pm as a RED MISSION Japan staff.

RED MISSION (Hong Kong) staffs introdeced me to Mrs. Mok(Children's cancer associastion) and a woman who works at Citywalk 2 (She is a manager of Citywalk 2). We exchanged our namecard.

At the ceremony, honestly said I didn't understand what  they say because I can't understand Cantonese, but Mrs. Mok said "Please continue Leslie's Spiri...Read more

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I am what I am

March 28th

I ate congee for breakfast. I like Chinese congee. We have congee in Japan but usually it is for sick man or baby. It is not tasty. Old Japanese people imagined congee is equal to meal for the sick.

After the breakfast I went shopping and foot massage. :-)

I bought 7 Leslie's CD+DVD "I am what I am&quo...Read more

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The Angel

March 27th

I had a breakfast at  唯一麺家. I recommend you these dishes.

唯一麺家: 九龍尖沙咀厚福街10號地下 (852)2311-1498

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Delicious foods

March 27th

I stoped by sweet shop '晶晶甜品'. I was very surprised because I met my friend there. She was with her mother. :-)

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I went to Hong Kong from 26th March to 4th April, 2010. I met many Leslie fans friends there and had lunch or dinner with them. I was happy to know how much we love Leslie Cheung!!

March 26

I went to Hong Kong by Delta airline.  I found "BANG & OLUFSEN" earphone on in-flight shopping magazine. I had read Leslie loved BANG & OLUFSEN and he used their machinery in his house from his friend's book. But these are very expensive indeed. I always want to have something that concern Leslie, so I bought this e...Read more

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