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  • Comic Con 2009 - San Diego

    Monday, Aug 3, 2009 10:35AM / Standard Entry


    A couple of weeks ago I looked at my calendar and once again it was that time of year: Comic Con!!!

    For a comic, game and film lover like me, that has to be the most exciting time of the year. Now add into that the fact that we publish our own comics and now you are really talking about an unbelievably cool experience.

    There was definitely plenty of exciting stuff to see there and I thought I would post up some of the funky photos here (courtesy of Derrick Fong , so you can all get a glimpse into the awesome mayhem which is Comic Con.

    First of all check out Iron Man 2:

    How about these awesome G.I. Joe life-size models:

    Turtles were there of course:

    And so was their creator Kevin Eastman:

    Everywhere you looked was all the latest, greatest stuff from the comic, film and game worlds.

    Keep your eyes peeled. I'll be uploading some pics of the crazy fanboys in my next blog.


  • DevaShard scrīpt

    Saturday, May 16, 2009 2:22AM / Standard Entry


    CastleBright Studios , a subsidiary of NBC Universal have commenced work on a full movie scrīpt for DevaShard.

    First attachments for the movie production to be announced within the week!


  • Adhiratha

    Friday, Nov 28, 2008 3:31PM / Standard Entry


    Adhiratha, the brave and selfless charioteer who finds Karna at the river banks and risks his life for him and the child Heerusama. Taking them into his house, he raises Karna as his own son, though Heerusama leaves to pursue a different fate, to be reunited with Adhiratha and Karna only years later and under very different circumstances.

    Adhiratha is noble and kind. A good husband to his wife Radha and an inspiring father to both Karna and his adoptive younger brother Shon. In the early years of Karna's life, he plays an important role both in teaching Karna about the world and in raising him to be humble and generous in spirit.

    Though Adhiratha has enjoyed no formal training in arms, he is exceptionally strong from years of dedication and hard work and has made a formidable opponent to those who threaten the people he cares about when it has been necessary to defend them.


  • Na-Mina

    Thursday, Nov 27, 2008 7:21PM / Standard Entry


    Daemon-Queen of Dahka, wife to Heerama and mother to Heerusama, Na-Mina indirectly plays an important part in the unfolding tale of DevaShard.

    Born in the rich and corrupt trading ports of Nysathor, her father was a wealthy trader known for having a hand in the slave smuggling business, taking daemons from Umbra and Dahka to Nysathor to be sold. She was to originally to marry Heerama’s father, before a series of unpredictable events led her marrying Heerama in his stead.

    Beautiful and dangerous, it is not wise to cross the Daemon-Queen of Dahka or those who serve her. It is said that a blood curse runs through her family line and that many of that descent are tainted by it's touch.


  • Heerama

    Tuesday, Nov 25, 2008 6:08PM / Standard Entry


    Also known as the 5-tailed Daemon-King, Heerama is the Daemon King of Dahka, father to Heerusama and son of the previous Daemon-King of Dahka.

    Son of a long line of daemon-King warriors, Heerama took the throne when a small group of Im-Himnan elite warriors stormed Dahka to take the life of his father’s concubine, Na-Mina. He later married Na-Mina.

    A sombre and quiet man, his motives often remain a mystery to all but those who are closest to him. However, he has fought and risked his life many times to hold the borders of Dahka and keep back the great evil that looms ever in the shadows across the great bridge.

    His closest associate is Aduri, the 4-armed healer from Uundan whom he trusts with his life and closest counsel. As he is too often called away to battle and the defense of Dahka, the care of his son Heerusama falls often to Aduri.

    On the field of battle, Heerama is implacable and few in the world of Bhumi could hope to stand against his fury for long.


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