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  • DevaShard: At First Light is out in shops now!

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  • News Coverage: "A Couple of Pirates Board the DevaShard Production"

    Tuesday, Oct 6, 2009 10:52AM / Standard Entry


    Following the great news the other day that David Venghaus (Pirates of the Carribean - Assistant Director) and Eric McLeod (Pirates of the Carribean - Executive Producer) announced that they would be joining the DevaShard Production as Executive Producer and Producer respectively, the press and blogs immediately started reporting on it, using the evocative title: "A Couple of Pirates Board the DevaShard Production".

    Here are a few examples of the coverage:

    Screen Daily

    Comic Book Movie.com

    The Comics Waiting Room Newswire


  • Pirates of the Carribean Executive Producer Eric McLeod Joins DevaShard Film as Producer!

    Monday, Oct 5, 2009 4:02PM / Standard Entry

    As if we hadn't already had enough great news with David Venghaus (Assistant Director of Pirates of the Carribean) and Kevin Grevioux (co-creator, writer and actor in Underworld) coming on board the DevaShard project, I am now extremely happy to announce that one of the most successful Producers in Hollywood has confirmed he will be joining the DevaShard film project as Producer

    Eric McLeod, Executive Producer of Pirates of the Carribean and producer of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Tropic Thunder and the upcoming BioShock has yet to have a miss in Hollywood, producing successful films one after another, year after year.

    Having handled enormous budget movies in the past with excellent results, studios, financiers and of course our own Fluid Comics all have great confidence in him to do a great job with the film.

    You can see DevaShard listed at the top of Eric's IMDb page , as well as a list of all the many projects he's worked on over the years. I've put a short screen grab of it for reference here:


  • Pirates of the Carribean Assistant Director David Venghaus Comes on Board DevaShard Film!

    Friday, Oct 2, 2009 11:53AM / Standard Entry


    More amazing news continued to stream in this week, as Assistant Director to the world famous Pirates of the Carribean films, David Venghaus confirmed that he would be joining the DevaShard project as an Executive Producer.

    David specialises in motion capture technology and on integrating animation and CGI seamlessly into live action film, as you can see from his work with Captain Davy Jones on Pirates. We look forward to seeing the same kind of expertise applied to the DevaShard film.

    I have included a short list of his films from his IMDb page and as you can see, DevaShard is already listed. Have a look through the other exciting projects he has worked on in the past and ones he has coming up.


  • MTV Covers DevaShard

    Tuesday, Sep 22, 2009 2:56PM / Standard Entry


    The excitement continues to build as MTV.com becomes the latest site to cover the DevaShard comic to film story!

    You can see the full article here: DevaShard on MTV.com

    And here is a screen-grab which gives the essence of it:


  • DevaShard in Variety !!!

    Monday, Sep 21, 2009 3:29PM / Standard Entry


    Last week the DevaShard film project hit new heights, as we put out a press release announcing that Kevin Grevioux had come on board as Screenwriter and Executive Producer and no less than Variety , the de facto newspaper of Hollywood covered the story!

    You can read the article here: Variety.com

    And here is a screen grab of the article:


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