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V A C A T I O N !!!!!

Well, sort of since there's a bit of work I have to take along but it's still GETTING AWAY, and that's the first time in about six years! 

This will be my first time in St. Maarten (I've been to other Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and some cruise islands).  Where would I really like to go?  CUBA. 

So see you guys some time after the 9th of September. 

I'm starting to feel like I'm going to AnD detox.  :SHIVERS: 

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I know whatcha mean about withdrawal hahah. Maybe you'll find an internet connection somewhere along the way, or in an even better scenario you'll have such a great time you won't even think about it! Either way, have a great time. Just to put you on notice I expect a blog entry about this vacation. :)
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OOOH, have fun!
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What a great place to spend a long overdue vacation. Enjoy your trip! Maybe you'll bump into D.Y. He's filming somewhere in the Caribbeans.
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Have a great time. And it's not that hard being away from AnD. haha. I will miss your comments bc I love my consistent commenters.
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Hey, I was gonna say what Cass said....if you do run into D.Y. Sao, get a bunch of autographs from him for your buddies back home in AnD!!!! I sure hope you have a fabulous time....you deserve it!!!!!
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
have fun!
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w c
Hope you have a great time, Flagday. Sounds like a nice place to vacation.
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Have a great time, sounds fantastic!
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Welcome Back! how was it?
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Back and TIRED. Too much work, too little play. But when I play...!!!!! It was nice, but St. Maarten is more commercial than I prefer. There's lots of places to eat, several clubs, and lovely beaches. But I went there during low season and it was too crowded for my taste. We did a side trip to Anguilla which was fun. Next trip will be to ... a more natural setting. God, the water was beautiful and the sailing and snorkeling truly fun fun fun. Glad to be back but things just piled up. Back to the grind....
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Oh, Cuba sounds GREAT! Have you seen "i am cuba" and/or "buena vista social club," both so inspiring.
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just got back from there it damn hot and humid!!! don't do it!!! maybe unlike me, you'll have a/c have fun my lady :)
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A vacation is always good.
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