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Blog: Saturday, Mar 22

My really friend HaloJones, I JUST LOVE HER, asked me to answer these.  I will but I won't pass them along (I'm always at the bottom of every pyramid scheme).  This is for you HJ, even though I already declined Jaine's invitation but I gotta make this stop somewhere!  

1)  Answer the questions below in your blog.


2)  Delete one of the questions you don't like and add a new question.  There should be a total of 20 questions.


3)  Pass it on by listing some people you'd like to answer those questions.  Notify them by signing on their guestbook in their blog to tell them they've been picked.  Try not to duplicate people that have already been picked.  Those who choose to answer need to mention the name of the person who picked them so the game can continue.


Stargazer  picked me.   

1. Is reality in this world harsh?

Not for me, but for the vast majority on the planet it is.  But that doesn't mean that people won't find some happiness.

2. What is the happiest thing in life?

Knowing that my loved ones are healthy and taken care of.

3. How

long has it been since you've thought about things quietly? (In this busy lifestyle) I like not to think too much.

4. What country would you really want to travel to?

China and Cuba.

5. What annoys you most about yourself?


6. What do you do if you're not happy?

Go to sleep.

8. What is your personal goal in life?

I don't really have any worth repeating. 

8. Any practical goals in the next 5 years?

Get fit.

9. Any habits you cant get rid off?

Being a mess of a housekeeper. (can you tell I'm finally cleaning today?)

10. What is your life currently like?


11.  If you could pick a talent what would it be?

Become a Tai Chi Master.

12. If you can fulfill one wish, what would it be ? Make us all just get along (another way of saying World Peace).

13. What are the things you'd expect in your other half?

Intelligent, enlightened, funny.  HJ - Sounds good to me.

14. What do you think you lack and how would you like to improve upon that?

Where to start.

15. What would be your dream job?

Be an architect for the green structures.

16. What's on your mind today?

Getting the place in shape for Easter Family dinner here.  What, was I crazy?

17.Say something honest to someone you're thinking of. (Say that person's name as well)

. Dad, I miss you.

18. Any situation that you'd hate?

  I hate being cold and wet.  So the Titanic would definitely not be a fun cruise for me.

19. What is the worst thing that can happen on this earth?

If we'd just self-destruct.

20. Any characteristics you hate?


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Photo 29080
Hey, you answered. Cool! Lol @ the cleaning thing. I'd be in the same position as you re: the prep work. I have a friend in Maryland who cooks for holidays ahead of time & is just all around super organized. If she wasn't one of my best friends I'd hate her haha. Good luck
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Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Good luck with cleaning! =D
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Photo 16256
Stupidity abounds. I'd include myself in there sometimes.
10 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 34078
I'm not for for perpetuating chains either. I esp. like your answers for 12, 15 and 18. I had the same answer for 5 :P Hope you managed to get your place in shape for Easter and had a good one!
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Photo 35751
hope you had a great Easter and the family dinner wasn't too crazy. Cuba - good call. good answers
大约 10 年 ago | flag as spam
Photo 31454
"never let go jack" stuupidity??? hm... i guess i don't relate :P lol
大约 10 年 ago | flag as spam
Photo 72630
You haven't update your blog for days...........
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