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It's snowing, cold, and windy. Make it stop...

Just wondering ....

Just wondering if this is posting to my old blogs (which were not numerous).  And then I'm gonna try to find the Jet Li forum.  Almost everyone's over at Facebook. 

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The Omnivore's 100 - from Peachey

Peachey passed along this "meme" which originated at this website:


I guess it's just an exercise to see if you've expanded your horizons in enjoying new tastes.  It's definitely a Western-oriented list, but given that cultural bias, it's still fun. 

Here are my answers.  If I haven'...Read more

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Just the FACTS ma'am...2008 Presidential Election Debunking

I just posted this over at the Jet Li Forum but I'll repeat it here just in case I can reach some new people.  This website is the best of the best, and sets the record straight in this very crooked world of politics....

In this age of soundbites, both McCain and Obama try to persuade people to vote against the opposing candidate by "exposing" their true views, their faults.  No one talks about what he CAN do.  

A lot of the time those soundbites are filled with lie...Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Mar 22

My really friend HaloJones, I JUST LOVE HER, asked me to answer these.  I will but I won't pass them along (I'm always at the bottom of every pyramid scheme).  This is for you HJ, even though I already declined Jaine's invitation but I gotta make this stop somewhere!  

1)  Answer the questions below in your blog.


2)  Delete one of the questions you don't like and add a new question.  There should be a total of 20 questions.


3)  Pass...Read more

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Lust, Caution and Censorship

I just watched Lust, Caution on DVD last night.  It's a wonderful movie as you would expect from Ang Lee.  I was a bit put off by the inclusion of so much explicit sex in the film as I don't think it added to the plot.  Ok.  I got it.  As the movie progressed the female lead (Tang Wei portraying Wong Chia Chi in a character arc that's more like a full circle---an amazing performance).  But I really don't need to see so much genitalia or other body parts to understand a relationship based on lust which develops int...Read more

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Maybe I'm cheap but...

Maybe I'm cheap but it really bugs me to waste money.    Even at my income level, I can rationalize an excuse like "I'm a busy person.  I can afford the extra dollars I have to pay for more electricity just to avoid the hassle of thinking about it, let alone doing something about it."

The stakes have become a little higher now.  If we all continue to consume more and more energy at a time when there's global warming and an energy crisis looming, well, that's just being irresponsible.

No one...Read more

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Dreams, Creativity and Artistry

I noticed an old thread entry I wrote on the Jet Li forum and thought I'd repeat it here.  Peachey has blogged about her dreams and sought interpretation.  While the content of the dream is fun to analyze, just the act of dreaming is fascinating to me.  There are many adults who view dreams as irrelevant or as a means of processing information but if you think about it, dreaming is so much more. 

I think dreaming is something worthy of attention.  You spend so much of your life sleeping, and part of that is dreami...Read more

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V A C A T I O N !!!!!

Well, sort of since there's a bit of work I have to take along but it's still GETTING AWAY, and that's the first time in about six years! 

This will be my first time in St. Maarten (I've been to other Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and some cruise islands).  Where would I really like to go?  CUBA. 

So see you guys some time after the 9th of September. 

I'm starting to feel like I'm going to AnD detox.  :SHIVERS: 

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FREE FREE FREE! Perseid Meteor Shower

It's tonight, August 12th, and should be a great display.

Visit the thread on the Jet Li forum if you're interested in more details. 


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