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It's been awhike

Long time no see.

Life catch up, let's see. My daughter entered her teens, cousin moved in from Chicago to start school here almost a year now. I got a job. So big yay on that. Life has it's ups and downs. Can't complain. All in all, life is bittersweet.

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Wow!  No one wouldn't actually listen to me on first meeting. Didn't really think he would take my words seriously. Pulled away from my thoughts after hearing a loud thud. He drops his gear in front of my feet...  Hold up let me rephrase that - directly  ON my feet!  >.<

Gaw! What the fuck does he carry in that body bag ?! Winching in pain of my poor numbness feet, some combat boots my ass!

"What on earth are you doing ?"

"Sshh, ssshh, - " index finger brushes on my lips, "I'm ...Read more

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Kinda Freaky

After writing about Photoshop trial expired my middles sister said something. Like she keeps track what I do online or what I write. I have no clue. But I find it a little freaky when she says about it. She knows I'm going through PS withdraws. Another weekend a local powwow is going on. Drinkers are out and about on the ditch road. Got chased off I guess. My brother in law high off of nail polish removal. Don't ask I had to use that stuff on my middle sister because she got chemical fill in foam on her becip when she wasn't wearing ...Read more

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Think. Think. Think.

Alright, time for more seriously thinking. But what?  I'm close on asking one of his friends what he likes, but I'm fighting that urge and wanna make something myself. But how can you make something that you don't even know what to make, you just read what his entries that he shares with the rest of the peeps you know, also scratched out on making a signature banner of him just basically he sees himself everyday looking at his own reflection.        

My PSing skills ain't that great. Still a beginner on making th...Read more

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Lil' bit of tunes to jam out.

Time of date. August 28th, why this date..because felt like posting things up on my birthday.

Major flashbacks on these tunes man. Miss the rollerblading days man.

Timbaland & Magoo Aaliyah Missy - Up jumps da boogie (1997)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHzrHoDK570

Nicole Wray & Missy Elliott Make It Hot (prod. by Timbaland)

Video: Read more

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Ya know.

At least finally managed to tone down from being hyper. It's worth it though. Needed a good laugh. (Thanks P.N. ^__^)

Hypered for the past two hours then going all ga-ga over Corey Taylor's(singer from Stone Sour and Slipknot) voice. I love that mans voice! 

Apocalyptica ft. Corey Taylor- I'm not Jesus

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I feel like dancing again at powwows I mean. I haven't danced since my kid was three months old. Took me three months to get back to my old size- but all that work out went to waste of not feeling anything at that time. It returned during at Grand Ronde powwow four years later. For now gotta work on getting back into shape. My eldest Sis wants to start dancing again too. She's working on her beading material now.

Pretty weird and random ennit(ain't it)?

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Sorry about the last entry....

Ok. Getting that off my chest. Besides that hateful first blog entry.

Didn't wanna ruin the past good weekend down in Oregon powwow man. Total blast down there. Probably asking yourself powwow- what is a 'powwow'?

Powwow; Native American;  north american natives. Where different tribe people gather

dancing; My goodness that's alot of people at Gathering o...Read more

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To the Pepsi hour!

Yeah. Don't look at me like that. My first blog entry give me break.

Right now I'm just a little bit annoyed about something well---someone spreading rumors which it isn't true! Rumors went around the rez(reservation) that my dad is deceased. Yes, you read it correctly. Some knucklehead spread that rumor.  "Oh. He got into a car wreck." Just all what the heck! @__@ My cousin heard about it called another cuz(cousin) who called my moms cell phone... "No my dads still alive and kicking man" Ma thinks ...Read more

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&quot;If you feel like talking, you talk, if you don't, you don't&quot; ~ Corey Taylor &quot;We are human. What we are is not perfect..&quot; ~Shawn Crah

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