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    Macau Underground IV

    Saturday, Feb 28, 2009 7:00PM-11:00PM
    IIUM Auditorium, Rua de Londres no. 16, Wan Yu Villas,Macau, Macau   View map
    IIUM Auditorium, Rua de Londres no. 16, Wan Yu Villas,Macau, Macau
    Geoff Churchill
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  • F.B.I. is going to Macau!!!

    This will be the first time we have played outside of Hong Kong. We are really excited about it. Plus, we are going to be the headlining band on this night. All of the other bands are from Macua.

    For all of our fans and supporters in Hong Kong we realise that it may be abit far for you, but the guys at Macau Underground has made this show very affordable, only 30MOP!!! All you need to do is pay for the ferry ride over here. Then you can hear some great music and afterwards you can go and party at the Casino!!!


    F.B.I. (from HK)
    Forget the G
    Matthew Veith

    MOP 80 (with CD, T-Shirt and Free Drink)
    MOP 30

    Let's see some more about the other bands!



    Axis is a local band from Macau. The idea of axis is all member is spinning on Herman, the vocal and bassist of the band. Founded in 2005, the band has preformed in many gigs. The line up of the band change several times, now we have Herman (Vocal, Bass) , Simon (Vocal, Guitar) , Ason(Drums). Their music is blended with Pop rock, Brit rock and Hard rock, and some different elements were added. And it’s also to conform to Herman’s idea: bringing different feeling out by every song of them.



    “Open your eyes, see the F.B.I.”

    One Gwailo and three Hong Kong guys come together to form FBI (Fire Bird International). A band which takes it’s audience on a musical journey that will blow your mind. FBI emerged from the New Territories in the summer of 2007 and since then they have been performing at various venues around Hong Kong.

    With the help of their friends, Soler, FBI has finished recording their debut EP at K-town studio. The duo’s drummer, Peter Gorton, has produced the EP.

    The EP has been given 4 out of 5 stars in local music magazine Re:spect. And has also been given 4 out of 5 stars from HK magazine. FBI’s sounds have been described as RHCP-esque. The songs on the EP range from soft pop, pop punk to hard rock. The EP features the song, ‘The Masquerade’, which won the I-cable band competition in 2007.

    The EP was originally supposed to have 6 songs to represent their diversity of sounds. But, 2 more bonus tracks have been added to give the listener extra value for money.

    In addition to the release of their own CD, FBI has also been featured on the Underground Compilation CD which showcases some of Hong Kong’s best up and coming bands. The compilation CD has also received 4 out of 5 stars from HK magazine and FBI have been lucky enough to be mentioned in the SCMP and other press due to the CD.

    “Who knew that the New Territories boasted a rival to Green Day in the cheeky punk pop of FBI?” (Nov 9, 2008 Sunday Morning Post)



    Band Members:

    Vincent Lead Vocal

    Yaz                  Guitar

    Angelo             Bass, Back-Up Vocal

    Leo                  Drum

    L.A.V.Y. 的樂隊名字是由樂隊的四位成員的第一個英文字母組成, L - Leo 鼓手, A - Angelo 低音結他手, V - Vincent (志達)主唱, Y - Yaz (伊椎恭生)結他手。

    Leo 與 Angelo 曾是 Special Force 的成員,當年勇奪香港加士伯流行音樂節冠軍,憑著多年的默契,合作無間,建立一個很穩健的 Rythem Section,結他手 Yaz 是一個很全面的結他手,年過五十的他,外表一點也不像,能籍著不同的方法去彈奏不同的風格的作品,主唱志達過往表現很 Rock,唱法”竭斯底里”,但組成 L.A.V.Y. 後較為著重旋律的演繹。

    L.A.V.Y. 的作品很著重旋律,以流行搖滾風格作為根基,當中滲透不同的音樂風格, Country, Hard Rock, Gospal, Bossanova 等等。


    Matthew Veith

    My name is Matthew Veith. I am a musician, photographer, and artist. Raised in Hong Kong and Macau, I live quite far from the electronica scene. My journey in electronic music began from an early age when I discovered techno music and found that I really liked it. I never really had any idea how it was made and I remember wanting to find out and starting making my own. After buying a disc compilation of trance music back in 2006, I finally knew what to call the music I was craving but knew nothing about. When I discovered Garageband in 2007, I got sucked right in. I began to compose songs in the program, slowly building on my techniques and style. Then after roughly a year later, I switched to a better, more versatile program called Reason. Since then, I have been able to do much more and be more creative, constantly discovered new things about myself and new facets of my musical style. As a musician, I have intermediate Piano training, but am completely self-taught when it comes to music production. Known also as ‘MKVX’, ‘Gigamind’, and Transit Lounge, I dabble into many genres now. I produce and perform mostly trance and progressive trance, but as of late I have been diving into lounge, house, downtempo, funk, hip-hop, and even orchestral music. Music to me is it’s own motivation. Often when I listen to a song and it moves me, I want to sit down and write a song that gives me the same feeling. I have collaborated with musicians from other countries over the internet, and I am ALWAYS up for more. My goal in my music is to do what God would have me do to further his kingdom. In life we are only given enough light to see the path ahead of us, and that is how I have approached my music, to slowly, day by day, change and evolve.


    Never be a prisoner of your own style.” - Armin van Buuren




    Voidcamp was formed in the early 00’s as a 4-piece cover band by high-school classmates.
    However since most of its members had to study overseas, they could only get together during summer holidays.

    Not until 2008, Daniel (Vocals), Jose (Guitar) and Richard(Drums) finally met Christine (Keyboard) and Adid (Bass), Voidcamp was finally complete.
    Heavily influenced by brit-pop music they now write their own raw and catchy tunes, expressing their feelings and attitudes towards Macau’s change in the recent years.

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