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Underground 100

Some people were calling it our come back show!!![](/attachments/2012/03/27/19/38940_201203271940411.thumb.jpg)A friend of mine said it was the best FBI show he has ever came to![](/attachments/2012/03/27/19/38940_201203271947422.thumb.jpg)People randomly stopped me and told me directly that 'FBI is officially their favourite Hong Kong band from now on!'

Some people got to open their eyes and see F.B.I.

It was tripping me out because we got an encore and we hardly had no practice. I thought we played as good as we could given the situation. Still not our best. But, the audience lapped it up as we played 'Man Love' and got the crowd to sing along in the chorus.

We knew that we were off our game the week before and that it was our only chance for a full band practice before Underground 100.

I don't know what happened... we all pulled our shit together and did a whopper of a show to celebrate Underground 100!!!

How could we disappoint Chris B!

Watch the videos! Send it your favourite song to a friend to listen to cheer them up! It will be the last FBI show for another while sorry as I go into hospital tomorrow for a knee reconstruction.

Let's hope for the best!

Never say die~

I'm from F. B. I.

  1. Sinorita

Video: 2. Hey!


  1. Jasmine Revolution


  1. FU


  1. FBI Theme Song

Video: 6. (ENCORE)... Man Love!

Video: Thanks to SU LEE for the videos! I love the quality and the sound is awesome! Also must say thanks to Chris B and of our supporters, new and old!!! We love you!

Here is a review of our performance by the Underground and Timmy from Shotgun Politics. Check out more by clicking here for the rest of the line up, reviews, and heaps of pictures of FBI and the other bands that we shared the stage with: AIRTUB, SENSELESS, QUI HONG,The UNDERGROUND CREW BAnd and THE SLeeVes.

It was an awesome night with awesome bands. Go to the Underground website and check it out!!!


*Sinorita *Hey! *Jasmine Revolution *FU *FBI Theme Song *Man Love! [Encore]

We’ve come to a stage in the HK indie scene, where there is such diversity, that there are at least 2-3 bands that are right for the same job. What I’m trying to say is, if you need a band that will guarantee entertainment, the veterans in FBI should be on your top 5 list. It’s been very quiet on the Fire Bird International’s front recently, so I was quite keen to see whether or not they still had their trademark flair.

To fill in the usual lull that is rigging up, front man Cain offered his congratulations to the UG in the form of a poem that he had prepared. “Ode to the Underground” I believe it was called. It set the crowd in good spirits, actually, perhaps maintained the current good vibes set by the previous band and heroes: ‘Airtub’ I should say.

FBI then proceeded to demonstrate that being an energetic band with great stage presences is like riding a bike, you simply just don’t forget. They rifled through their brand of what I’m calling fusion-pop-punk at a good pace and never failed to capture the interest of the crowd, who’s appreciation of popular songs such as Senorita, Jasmine Revolution and of course Man Love, was reflected in the amount of dancing and jumping that was taking place. My favourite moment from the set was during the FBI Anthem, which is this sort of … rap, I suppose, where the band introduces themselves, I saw a middle aged man in the audience watching very intensely with this look of bemusement on his face. It was sort of like he was unsure if it was the strangest, or greatest thing he had seen. Listen, the point is, he was watching… closely, and so was everyone else. Well done fellas, welcome back.

– Timmy Gunn ( Shotgun Politics) Here's some Man Love! coming your way!

Really funny video I happened to stumble on. Not the best of recordings. But, glad we could make more people happy.


When will we be back! Who knows? Watch the videos religiously until we do! lol!

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Happy Valley Races 15th June

Last Wednesday night we performed at the Happy Valley Races as part of the Alivenotdead 4th Anniversary Party! We had so much fun! hope you enjoy the videos!


Man Love!


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Live performance from HEAT 6

Hi everybody,

Here is our live performance from GBOB HEAT 6 in which we were the winners. We play 'Ghouls 'n' Ghosts' and 'FU'. Though, these will not be the two songs we play at the final. It's a secret. Just a clue: There will be lots of love!!!! U know what kind....

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See you at the HONG KONG GBOB Final

We are happy to report that we made it through our heat ( thanks to all of our fans!)

for the Global Battle of the Bands!

FBI: Heat 6 Winners

Next stop is the HONG KONG Final on Friday November 5th

Here are the details:

Hong Kong Final Event information.

Friday 5 November 2010

HYDE, 2/F., 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Dress code = Smart Casual

8pm to 11pm.     Music starts at 8:30pm promptly.

HK$100 (advance tickets) Tom Lee branches (Tsim Sha Tsui, Shatin & Wanchai)

HK$120 (walk-in) 

All tickets include a San Miguel Light


Special guest performer: Wu So Lui

Hotline: (852) 9486 4648


See below for some more photos from Heat 6

Jerald??? WTF???

You are so Nice!



Let's Rock!



We won't bow down to your demands!!!


Jerald, are you licking your bass?



We are No. 1!!!



See you Nov 5



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Mayday Mayhem @ Rockschool MAY1st

As the title reads... it's MayDay Mayhem @ Rockschool with 5 great bands:

In order of appearance:

Of Moths and Stars


In love and pain!

F.B.I. (we are on at 10:40pm)

Shotgun Politics

Iknow its last minute notice, but I really hope you can make it down. It will be quite a low key event. I might take advantage of the open bar, so our performance should be quite interesting depending on how many drinks I can down before my show.

Here is the flyer:

See you there!

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Underground 95 review and video


Underground 95

We had so much fun playing at Underground 95. It was great to see so many people support us as we were on very late. We started after the MTR had stopped running for the night, so those people who stayed are real legends. There were three magazines covering the event: HK magazine, BC magazine and a relatively new mag called Brouhaha. There was also the team from AsiaAnalysis who came to do a documentary on the Underground and the underground scene in Hong Kong. Check out the review and the live music video from the show featuring 'FU'.

Here is the review from Underground 95

Playing the Underground for the 6th time, their tuning up featured some tantalising, mean-sounding slap-bass. An epitome of the Noughties’ rock sound, Don’t Quit Your Day Job featured a very lostprophets’ attitude combined with Hillel Slovak-era RHCP guitars ripping through screamed vocals. Lan Kwai Fong, undoubtedly meant to be the party-goers’ anthem, positively reeked of the Stooges’ 1969 and LedZep’s Black Dog, along with the crowd-participative chorus of “When I say LK, You say” – “F!” . With the bass up to bone-rattling levels, there was heavy use of delay and wah, and semi-military beats in the songs. Loneliness being their slower song, featured the almost-sparkling guitars of 3rd-wave punk, and moved into double speed with its’ leading bassline; in fact, the bass got so fast towards the end that you could scarcely see bassist Jerald’s fretting fingers- always a good sign. Evidently the crowd felt this as well, as the crowd was well into every song as was the band.

Man Love caused some of their more Rancid (and other 3rd-wave punk) roots to show, suddenly changing direction mid-song to a more Noughties’ feel. The screamed opening of Fu was followed by some classic punk chord progressions. With the crowd definitely on their side, they proceeded into The Masquerade, with some some stop-start Iron Maiden influences and a melodic coordination between the vocals and guitars. The crowd actually began headbanging to the single-strummed bits of the chorus – a classic hardcore ruse, which worked very well for F.B.I. in Ghouls and Ghosts, which also had some classic solos that reminded one of Tony Iommi, if he had played in the Noughties. With an mock-offhand comment to the guitarist about not needing his guitar since he couldn’t “sing and play at the same time”, their set closer had a bass-line reminiscent of Paranoid, and it was a song in the spirit of RHCP’s What it Is. Despite the lack of melodic accompaniment, the crowd really got going to the Bootsy Collin-like, insanely-wahed bass, and singer Cain’s encouragement to join in with the “When I say FB, You say” – “I!” They ended the night in the best possible way- with a long, flourish to heavy applause and a very tired but fully satiated crowd.



Here is the song 'FU' performed at Underground 95... enjoy!



Thanks to Angus Leung for the photos!!!

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FBI: 2010

FBI: 2010

It's been awhile now since I have updated our blog. Sorry to everyone out there that it has been so long. For me personally (Cain), I have been very busy, having performed two plays in the last couple of months. Then, of course there was Christmas and then Chinese New Year. So all of us guys have been very busy. Not much time to practice together as we would like. But, it seems that things are picking up again. Hopefully we can get back into a good routine and start working on some new songs.

So what have we done in the past couple of months?

We played the Guns & Ammunition partyat BACKSTAGE with Logo and Good Fellas on the 4th of December 2009. That show was alot of fun.  We collaborated with Good Fellas to spice the night up and I ended up singing their song 'Be with me' with the Good Fellas supporting me. Then, Po Kei came over and helped to sing along to 'Man Love!'. It was a sight to be seen. Wish someone had have recorded it. Maybe someone did, we will never know. Anyway, the collaboration was successful and it made the night that much more special.

Our first show for the year was at The Vine for RockStar United 2010  on the 22nd of January. It was an amazing show as always. Can't believe I forgot to tell you about it when I first wrote this blog. Totally slipped my mind. So many shows lately that they are all melding into one. I always love the energy and perserverence of these youths. They are always great to play for. Look at these kids rock out! For this show I even had a previous student (ex-primary school student) come and watch me. His name is Lujen and is a little legend. I rocked especially hard this night for him. Wish more of my students were as cool as him. ;)

The next show that we did was at  THE HANG OUT for theRock to Gather Music Festival  on the  30th of January.It would be our second show for 2010 and it was going to be a big one. This show was also sponsored by alivenotdead! We were joined by Family, Grin, Shepherds the Weak,  Velvette Vendetta and 門生.

There was a tv crew from TVB and apparantley they brought with them an audience. They were shooting an episode for a tv series. We even had an interview before the show. I am not sure if the 'fake' audience were just supposed to be there for the sound checking (which I wasn't at anyway, so I might not be on tv... doh) or for the whole night. I had never heard of it before. In any case, many of them stayed, which didn't bother me, but maybe to organisers?

Anyway, it was a good chance to show off our music to some people who have never heard of us before. It turned out to be a really great show and we were very confident in our performance. The audience seemed to get more enthusiasm and energy when we began our set. We all got a really good feeling from that show. At times it got crazy in the moshpit, I even jumped in and pushed a few people around during one of the songs. LOL!

Rock to Gather Interview

We performed our latest show last night ( 26th Feb) outside the HK ARTS CENTRE in Wanchai for STREET MUSIC. Thanks to Kung for inviting us to play at this show. It was lots of fun. Damn hot though!

The audience were much more relaxed as it was outdoors and the crowd seemed to swell up as we started our set. I could see people who were just walking past that area, just stop, and start watching us. The crowd really enjoyed it when I played a cover of one of Paul Wong's songs: Chai Gai. People love it when I try to sing in Cantonese. Something I am looking at working on even further in the future.

Gonna Make Love + Chai Gai 踩界 (cover 黃貫中)

Haunted & Loneliness

Man Love! & Ghouls 'n' Ghosts

The Masquerade & FU

So, that's what we have been up to in the last couple of months (minus all the shit I have been doing on the side... if you want to know more about that go, though that site is also in need of updating... maybe another day)

What's coming up next for FBI?

 So many shows....

M1 Bar in TST for the Respect on the 3rd of March

The Melting Pot in Central for Underground 95 on the 6th of March

Some gig in Yuen Long? on the 14th of March (I don't have much details about that yet, but be sure that we will be playing a show there. My old stomping grounds)

Macau Underground on the 27th of March

that's just for March. We have been asked to do some other shows too, but we have decided that four shows in March is more than enough. Not much time to learn new songs, but good practice performing in front of a live audience.


Hopefully we will see you soon at one of our next gigs! ;)



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Guns & Ammo Party this Friday night!!!

Start your weekend with a BANG!!! Guns & Ammo party featuring Logo, GoodFellas and F.B.I.


Early December, Central will get into the party mood with Guns and Ammunition party at Backstage.

On 4 December 2009 from 10:30, three of Hong Kong’s top indie bands Good Fellas, Logo and FBI along with DJ Spiro will ensure the pyrotechnics extend deep into the night.

Good Fellas, fresh from their triumph at Clockenflap, promise a drunken, freewheeling three chord genius high energy, experience with FBI the stand out local performers at GBOB, and all kicked off by Hongs Kong’s über-cool neo-psychedelists Logo 10:30pm start; tickets HK$120.00 including 1 free drink; venue Backstage (Address: 1/F, 52-54 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong).


Logo :

Good Fellas :

F.B.I. :

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The aftermath of the Hong Kong final GBOB

The result of the HK GBOB

  1. Qui Hong

  2. F.B.I.

  3. Tai Tai Alibi


Well done to Qui Hong for winning the Hong Kong final of the Global Battle of the Bands. We are proud to say that we came second, followed closely by Tai Tai Alibi. Truly a great night for Hong Kong music, all 15 bands did an awesome job. The crowd was amazing... just wish we had a crowd like that for every band event here.

Thanks again to all of our fans and friends... especially all of those people who sang along with me to the 'save me's' and the 'fuck yous'... haha! Really great!

I didn't even realise it, but we were in the paper last Thursday. So, I thought I would put the article in this post so people could read it.


South China Morning Post Article

Let's Get Ready to Rumble:indie warriors take on the world

Adam Wright Oct 22, 2009

The name conjures up images of hairy metal groups in leather gear engaged in a fight to the death with axe-shaped guitars, but the reality of the Global Battle of the Bands is far more prosaic.

At a time when the quest for rock stardom has been reduced to video games such as Guitar Hero, the musicians taking part in this year's competition are mostly ordinary people with dreams of hitting the big time, with fame, fortune and a few groupies thrown in for good measure.

Those taking part in the Hong Kong leg of this year's contest come from all walks of life, from white-collar workers to a professional body-piercer. And now, after several months of heats, 15 of the city's best up-and-coming bands will be fighting this weekend for the chance to represent Hong Kong at the China final and, if successful there, the world final in London later this year.

The Global Battle of the Bands now involves 44 countries, including unlikely contenders from countries such as Kazakhstan, the Faroe Islands and the Dominican Republic. The competition was launched in 2004 with the aim of uncovering the world's best unsigned bands and has just two rules: no cover songs and no pre-recorded music.

Chris Bowers, a familiar figure on the local indie music scene, has been a vocal and visible face of the Global Battle since she was named the competition's China director last year, and brings to the job not only years of experience as a musician but also as the organiser of the Underground, a successful series of live music events.

"In the past six years of organising shows in Hong Kong, I have to say the quality of local bands is getting better," Bowers says. "One of the Hong Kong finalist bands has already been earmarked for a festival overseas and another band has an indie label interested in signing them. So although these two bands may not [win], by allowing themselves the opportunity to be seen by music industry people they improve their chances of overall success."

Although fairly modest spoils are up for grabs in the Hong Kong final - including HK$5,000 in vouchers for a local music store and a Gibson Les Paul guitar - a guaranteed shot at stardom awaits the overall winner of the global competition. Apart from US$10,000 in cash, the band will be offered studio time with a renowned producer and the opportunity to tour with an established act.

But at least one of those competing at the Hong Kong final has a far less romantic reason for entering. "The thought of winning a cash prize gets me salivating. It's been a while since I could afford to eat properly," says Li Xu, vocalist for the heavy-hitting finalists Gong Wu. "But it has been fun. Being in a competition makes you push yourself that little bit harder than a regular show. The best thing is only having to play two songs. In a high-energy band like ours, you get to give your two songs everything without worrying about surviving the rest of the set."

However, Li acknowledges the subjective nature of band competitions and says he believes music should not always be seen as a contest. "Some of the biggest bands in the world - without their name behind them - would be voted out of these kinds of competitions. What defines a great artist? Is it songs? Musicianship? Performance? It's hard to judge," he says. "But that being said, although we're definitely not interested in trying to prove that we're the best band here, it doesn't mean we won't try to win."

Other notable local bands competing this weekend include Qiu Hong - who won the world final of the much smaller World Battle of the Bands in 2005 - socially aware punks Live Fast Die, led by Ross Seizure of piercing/body art parlour Star-Crossed Tattoo, and pop-punk-rap outfit FBI.

FBI also entered the event last year and vocalist Cain McInerney says the experience has been positive in the sense it has made the band work harder on their music. "Plus, we get an opportunity to play our music to an audience who may have never heard us before, and hopefully get more fans," he says.

"This year we have worked on existing songs which were already up to standard, but have pushed the envelope to make sure that we get the most out of everyone in the band and make the songs sound fuller.

"Everyone wants to win, and a free trip to London would be nice. But the main thing is to promote our music to a world audience who wouldn't normally hear us."

The event won't help solve one of the main problems for Hong Kong's indie music scene - the lack of suitable venues - but it's a positive development, Li and McInerney say. "The only way we can improve the indie scene here is if we can get more people to support it, and move away from the more popular Canto-pop culture and embrace rock," McInerney says. "The competition is a good way to get international support for our local scene and get more local people interested in what's happening here."

Li says: "There are barely enough venues in Hong Kong that offer a place to help indie bands grow and that are also affordable for the local scene. But the competitionhas helped simply because it has given local bands another desperately needed platform on which to perform."

As Hong Kong is considered a part of China under the Global Battle's rules, once a local champion has been selected, they will go on to compete against the winners from the competition's other finals in mainland cities on November 7 at the Cavern in Lan Kwai Fong.

The winner of the greater China final will then be flown to compete at the global final at La Scala in London on December 13.

The bands competing at the local final this weekend were selected by a range of music industry insiders, media figures and scenesters and represent a cross-section of the state of our city's indie music scene.

For music fans, "these kind of shows are great because they're not so expensive and you're guaranteed to hear something special", Li says. "And if we suck, it's only 10 minutes of your time."

The final 15

FBI: punk-pop-rock with rap influences

Gong Wu: hard rock with force

Gun You: muscular hard rock

Live Fast Die: punk rock with social commentary

Nocturnal Rose: symphonic metal

OTO: reggae-influenced pop from Macau

Of Moths & Stars: energetic acoustic duo

Peri M: female-fronted power rock

Qiu Hong: catchy power metal

Senseless: Canto-pop meets punk/rockabilly

Shotgun Politics: high-energy pop rock

Tai Tai Alibi: solid rockers and Hong Kong finalists last year

The Corners: pop

Tie Shu Lan: hard rock with a message

Trash21: rock with attitude

Global Battle of the Bands Hong Kong Final, tomorrow, 9.30pm, Rock School, 2/F, 21-25 Jaffe Rd, Wan Chai, HK$100 (advance), HK$130. Tel: 9486 4648

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