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Taipei 3: conference...

Here's the hotel our conference was held at,
the Gr@nd H0tel, which was M@d@m Chiang herself commissioned back in the day. Much money was spent:

And since our conference is pretty big (~900 people), and the Taiwan govt. has a lot of sponsorship money for hosting international conferences... so they went all out, including a line of flags along the dr...Read more

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Taipei 2: Anti-Chen protests

| Entry | As I mentioned yesterday, there have been tons of protests against the president of Taiwan the last few weeks. Since tuesday was Taiwan's (or rather 'The Republic of China's') National Day, they staged an extra large rally and march through the downtown area... which just happens to be right near my hotel.

I left the conference after the morning session to return to my hotel and I had to swim through a see of red:

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Taipei 1

I flew into Taipei yesterday afternoon after my lecture in the morning. I took EVA air for the first time, it wasn't too bad (cheap ticket at least!).

It turns out they use 747-400s similar to the ones they use in Japan... all coach seats on the lower deck, i ended up getting the first row in the very front of the plane (directly below the cockpit). It was ok, a short flight from HK,...Read more

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Back online...

My internet connection in my apartment has been turned on. The plug is on the far end of the living room though. But they gave me a really long cable downstairs at the front desk, which not-so coincidently ends up to being just long enough to reach my bedroom desk. I'm considering getting a wireless router (next time i go down to Wancha1), but for now there's a cable snaking behind my sofa and through the doorway... one of the nice thing about living by yourself is that you never need to close any doors.

In other news, I bough...Read more

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Final Saturday: Campus Summit!

first thanks to Senh for letting me steal his internet access in his hotel (my hotel is too ghetto, it doesn't even have furniture, much less internet). On to the entry:

My last saturday in Japan was a big event. As I mentioned a week or two ago, my friend Aska was the main organizer for the kyu$hu installments of an Avex Trax sponsored club event across the country, called 'Campus Summit.'

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Himeji-Okayama 3: Crow Castle

Our next stop was the small city of Okayama. Until now all I knew about this city was the fact that it was where the train to Shikoku (the /other/ of the main 4 islands of Japan) connected with the Shinkansen. But while researching the trip to Himeji's , I found that Okayama had the antipode: .

It took a few minutes on the street car and then a brief walk along the Asahi River:

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Himeji-Okayama 2: Taiko!

A brief follow-up to yesterday's entry with pictures of Himeji Castle.

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weeke...Read more

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Himeiji-Okayama 1: Castle Otaku paradise...

Since I had only 3 weekends left in Japan, I decided to splurge a bit last sunday. Y0-chan had agreed to go on another day trip with me (after our trip to Miyajima/ Hiroshimathe weekend before), so I pulled out all the stops and decided to hit two hotspots in the same day, Him...Read more

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Mega April Fools Trance!

After Saturday's concert, I went home and took a nap... and around 2 I headed down to the latest installment of 'MegaTrance'! It was quite crowded and boisterous, as usual:

Lots of strange and amazing fashions as far as the...Read more

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Etchy meets the All-female Scooter Gang!

I just got back home, its been a long day... I was at the Regal Beagle until about 3:30. I was riding my bicycle down the street, as usual there are a lot of people walking and driving around at these hours, including lots of customized cars and bikes, etc. Nothing suprising...

But I did a double take when I saw three fancy pants customized scooters... bit of a different flavor from normal:

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