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Phil Ng you sexy Beast

I was at the super market walking down every isle and then I do a double take as I see this.....

Phil, you have nice hair !!! hahaha....

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Smash and Grab Website


Information about our production company.

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Check out my Book "老外你好台"


The book has been out for a while but you can still get it.

It is a conversational English book.  Helps you explain Asia to Foreigners.

It's in English and Chinese.

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DJ E2 Podcast

I was thinking of doing a 1 hr. podcast that would be a supplement to my weekend show on ICRT.

Weekend Rendevous

Sat & Sun 2-5 pm

www.icrt.com.tw  (you can stream live)

So what's the difference between the ICRT show and the DJE2 podcast.... A LOT OF SHIT.....that's the difference.  Not shit talking but just more random shit....as if i'm not random enough. 

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I love it. 

Anyone have one?

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Blackmail or a cheap comedy show?

I have to write this one up.

I just had one of the most fucked up run in with a local Taiwanese gangster but funny story I suppose. 

I went to my aunt's place and parked on the street.  When I came back down, I got in the car and drove off.  10 minutes later I was looking for my phone and I was like where is it.  I stopped at a video rental store and asked to use their phone.  I dial my number and some dude answers and immediately says you're calling for your phone huh.  I was like yeah and I suppose...Read more

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Stress Sucks

Stress sucks.

It makes you think too much, have migraines, always on edge and the lack of sleep which gives you bad complexion.  Anywhoo.... 

Everyone has stress unless you're a Sherpa I suppose.

I wished I was a Sherpa right now....

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I've always been about the guitar until I had to take a hand at the bass.

It's nice to be at the low end of the music spectrum.  It's chill and mellow.

I like playing pick less and just letting your fingers groove to the music.

Although, I've heard the whole pick- no pick debate.  I think both are good,

it gives you different effects.

the above statement is just my opinion

So to the real people who play bass.  You guys/chicks Rock!! 

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Dying my hair

Sorry guys, I guess my blog didn't go through.  Well, I thought you could just read my mind.

I dyed my hair for the movie.  I didn't know what color to dye it so I asked which color hair the stylist had on her hair and she was like a little bit of green with ash etc.  I was like ok I like that.  She was like your hair, eyebrows and beard are too dark and it won't look good on you it is lighter hair vs dark etc.  I was like alright and she says that I needed a really dark color so she chose dark green.   The is the first time...Read more

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We were at the office going over the scrīpt with Jimmy Hung, Van and Chris Lung.  At around 11:30 p.m. Jimmy and Van decide that they are hungry and want to go out to eat.  So we all head out, I mention a couple of places and the idea gets shot down and I'm thinking what the hell.  So I say, fine i just want to eat something good and filling.  Jimmy suggests peoples place and everyone agrees.  We get there and I enter.  I see a mob of people and I'm thinking hey I think I know that person and that person too.  Then all these people pop out a...Read more

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