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bunnies in manhattan

okay. I'm setting a personal record for posting in one day but I saw this and couldn't resist.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLUAbkRUvVQ

You can see photos behind the scenes on flickr:


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Death of Mr. Lazaresu

I'm at an editing gig right now where I'm waiting around a lot so I have a lot of time to post...

A friend once said that a film teaches you how to watch it. I think it's true but it definitely requires patience with a film. But with our media saturated world, I think patience is one thing people are running out of when it comes to visual media.

I just finished watching a beautiful film called THE DEATH OF MR. LAZARESCU upon the recommendation of a friend that really does require the audience to learn how to ...Read more

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Sincere films?

Speaking of unquirky foreign films, a couple of years ago, I was at Film Forum watching a new print of AS TEARS GO BY, and the audience was constantly snickering at the tender moments. I find the film enormously engaging  and tragic but I think American audiences have a hard time with embracing sincerity as they guffawed at what some of the characters said. What does it say about American audiences if we find sincerity unsophisticated?

So, can an English language WKW films do well in the US? Will MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS achieve the same le...Read more

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QUIRK is upon us, especially with the release of DARJEELING LIMITED (which I haven't seen yet).

For all of you who consume American culture.

There is an interesting article in the Atlantic Monthly about "quirk" as the defining aesthetic in American Gen-X indie culture.


While I think the article is reductive and over-reaching, it's an interesting read as it gives voice to a lot of my frus...Read more

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finally someone settles the age old question:

Can a katana actually split a bullet? Someone finally gets to the bottom of this vexing question of my waking days. I love the japanese.

Watch and learn (I don't even speak japanese but the clip is hilarious).

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNiX_l-HEGM

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New Year in Taipei

I was in Taiwan in February for New Year, my first time. My mom's family lives in Neihu and on New Year, because there is a temple down the street, the entire street was sealed off and people were setting of firecrackers left and right.  I'm not talking a wide boulevard either, I mean a street where buildings are right on top of each other. The firecrackers would bounce off of the buildings. It was like a colorful war zone. It went on for seven hours. Amazing. Little kids were carrying out bucket-sized fire crackers to set off on t...Read more

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shot at the world

Earlier this year, I bought a Nikon DSLR and have fallen in love with taking pictures again. It goes everywhere with me. 

It's always a fine line when I'm with other people: taking pictures versus just sitting back and experiencing it. For me, trying to capture something visually is how I experience the world. It's the way I notice and pay attention. It's like my doorway into understanding what is happening in front of me. Maybe it's because I have an awful memory. 

New York is a dirty city.

Soho,...Read more

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As many of you have heard by now Ingmar Bergman passed away recently. This is particularly poignant for me as one of the first film classes I took in college was all about Ingmar Bergman's films. In a way, he was my introduction into the possibilities of film.

Some of his images still stick in my brain. Rooted in theater, he always played with the theatrical barrier of cinema. In SUMMER WITH MONICA, I remember one particular shot of Monica sitting in a cafe, estranged from her boyfriend Harry, flirting with a stranger. She turns and looks...Read more

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I'm a very sedimentary person. Not sure why but I like being in one place and collecting moss. Plus, with freelance work it can be tough to take time off. But, when I do get to travel, I realize how much I love it. Especially  getting away from New York, you realize how narrow your focus in life is: work, work, work. It's nice to reset your brain every once in a while.

Here are some photos from my trip to Panama earlier this year. These are from the San Blas Islands. You all should go there.

Read more

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Hello everyone

Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting my first blog ever. 

Something I wrote a while ago for Cinevue, a journal about Asian American cinema, comes to mind as I put together this profile and I think it applies to the alivenotdead community:

"As I continue to make films I realize more and more that for me every project is a search for kindred spirits that I can share the process of filmmaking with. Wolverine has his X-men. Wonder Woman has her Justice League.  I am constantly searching my group of Super-Friends to fight ...Read more

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