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Netflix again!


thanks to everyone who has voted for my film in the Netflix competition and has helped spread the word. If you haven't voted yet, please help me out. Just click below and vote for "Why We Pull the Trigger". It's fast and painless. I promise.

Go to:

http://www.netflixfindyourvoice.com/ It takes 1 minute to vote:


  2. Click the number of stars you give the short. (I think ...Read more

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Netflix: I need your vote!

Hi all!

My feature film project, WHY WE PULL THE TRIGGER is a semi-finalist in the Netflix Find Your Voice competition. We each submitted a 2-3 minute short film that represents our feature project and which the public (you guys!) get to vote on. The public's vote selects five finalists from the ten semi-finalists in the competition. The finalists have a chance to win over $350,000 in cash and services toward the production of their first feature film. With your support and vote, it is a great chance for this feature pr...Read more

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The New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

A couple of updates in the strange life of making films.

A film that I was the cinematographer for, entitled EXPLODING GIRL directed by Bradley Rust Gray, will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival! It stars Zoe Kazan (Revolutionary Road) and Mark Rendall and was written and directed by Bradley Rust Gray. If any AnD'ers will be out in Berlin, please stop by.

Below is the press release from Berlinale:

" The Exploding Girl by Bradley Rust Gray is another quietly staged emotional dr...Read more

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"21" Casting Foul

Not sure how many of you have seen the film 21 or read the book. It's about a bunch of MIT students that figured out a system to beat casinos at blackjack and raked in millions of dollars. The film currently stars, Jim Sturgess and Kate Bosworth. BUT, in the actual story, most of the team was Asian American and in fact used ethnicity and stereotypes to their advantage to pull off their sc...Read more

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Click! Brooklyn Museum.

The Brooklyn Museum is holding an interesting online exhibit called CLICK!

"Click! is a photography exhibition that invites Brooklyn Museum’s visitors, the online community, and the general public to participate in the exhibition process."

Basically, at the start anybody and everybody could upload photos around the theme: "The Changing Faces of Brooklyn" to be judged. Right now is the judging period. Any anybody and everybody can judge the photos.

Just go online and register and you can eval...Read more

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Today's second photo

A man displays his work on the street.


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Today's photo

My cousin's baby, Sherwood. He has hands all over him! We should all be so lucky.


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down time during a photo shoot

We had to set up a photo shoot for a photograph that was to be a prop in the film. While we had some down time, I took some crew photos.

Renee really enjoys her McDonald's.

Dan, our gaffer, and his best friend.

Read more

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Sorry it has been many moons since last I posted. I just got back from Hong Kong (after stopping off to see family in Taiwan and a short trip to Korea). HK is an amazing city and I met some great people out there who I can't wait to work with again. For those of you who haven't read Kit Hui's or Renee Chao's blogs...we just wrapped production on Kit's first feature film, FOG in Hong Kong. Congrats, Kit! It was also my first feature as a cinematographer. Despite all the production madness that goes into making a film, i can't ...Read more

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giving credit where it's due

Okay. So the idea for that Sony ad I posted yesterday was stolen from an artist named Kozyndan. Apparently the company called him up for samples of his work and never called him back.

It's hard enough being an artist and surviving but when artists rip off other artists and sell it to the industry without giving credit where it is due, that just sucks.

Read the article below.

Here's the article rom gizmodo.com: "Passion Pictures vs Kozydan" or copy the link below: Read more

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