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giving credit where it's due

Okay. So the idea for that Sony ad I posted yesterday was stolen from an artist named Kozyndan. Apparently the company called him up for samples of his work and never called him back.

It's hard enough being an artist and surviving but when artists rip off other artists and sell it to the industry without giving credit where it is due, that just sucks.

Read the article below.

Here's the article rom gizmodo.com: "Passion Pictures vs Kozydan" or copy the link below: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/adwatch/sony-bastards-ripped-off-the-bunny-tsunami-ad-307398.php

"What the Hell. When I saw this morning's post on the awesome Sony Bravia Bunny Ad, featuring multi-hued rabbits climbing through a cityscape transforming into a tidalwave, I assumed it was the work of my favorite artists, the LA-based kozyndan. By my front door, I have a framed print of one of their limited edition NYC bunny panoramics, which I've put below. Aside from this, they're probably best known for reworking of Hokusai's "Great Wave off Kana gawa" with bunnies inserted in the place of the white wash, which was featured on a Giant Robot magazine cover. I was only half right about kozyndan's involvement with this Sony project, unfortunately. They were robbed: For pretty damning proof, watch the video, and read on. Usa_chan.jpeg

Apparently, the Passion Pictures animation studio ripped off kozyndan's after requesting samples of their work and never called them back. Dan just wrote me an email about it to confirm that this is pretty much the story, at least from their side.


I hear this happens often in advertising, but that doesn't make it fucking right. I guess it's not Sony's fault, but they should at least get their money back or get Passion Pictures to give a fair chunk to the artists. I'm pissed and not sure what I, or anyone else can do about it."

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I know it happens in things like fashion, too. A friend of mine has a small design line. She found that often the bigger companies would scout around at the sales of smaller businesses and just blatantly steal them and rework their ideas. It pays to be paranoid sometimes...
almost 13 years ago
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I say sue the bastards!!!
almost 13 years ago
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It really is the worse kind of slap in the face, it's simply disgusting. An artist tries to make a break and get recognition and the big boys come in and steal it. It's unfortunate but everything seems to revolve around money and corporate these days. I think he should sue. I know even on my rough script drafts I have copyrights on all of them. It really sucks and unfortunately I don't thing there is a damn thing we can do about it.
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that really sucks he should sue (and I don't say that lightly, the litigation culture of the 21st century leaves me cold but sometimes it should happend)
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