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Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Location Guangdong, China
Gender female
English Name i\\\' m big E.
Member Since January 6, 2009
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Latest lifestream updates

Enjoying on my new job.

it's too busy these days, cuz i am trying to do some  retail business .

but only offering in my college, well , i jus want to accumulate some experience of the to sales my thing and make my customer satisfied.

here is my booth.

my poster (draw by myself)

wow, so many girls. haha

explaining for my customer.

some other products.

haha, the end.

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new term's liffffe

i didnt back home last week..

and do sth DIY~

DIY Rose~how do u think?


my new Korean classes~wow, i loved it!

took ths in my school, so nice right?

my name in korean~

my mobile phone~i like ths theme~

the rose's receiver.

i do hard studing ths new term~stay at the library over 4hrs everyday ~


3 words to describe myself below~

only thinking about "it"


my life is ...

in the station of subway~

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how am i.

seems everything is find.

life is go on.

Esan always say he  survived.

i think me too..

really cant feeling anything without u..

but i know thant is rediculous.

we jus likes the air for each other.

everythin can bought by money, only air cant..

how hard , right?


i will be ok all the time. dont worry me.

remember my smile.Big E is BIG=STRONG.



new term begin~


photos of   HK

in KTV with my friends~so happy ths afternoon~

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Happy Valentines Day !!


  1. good number .

is it a good news on the   Valentines Day.?

Happy Valentines day to all.!!


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I am sick after i back from my sad.

sleep  too  much.

Yesterday , I am out with Rebeccac and Ivan(her younger brother.)

some pics with Ivan.

Lego Snooker??ha~


the words : She(the doll) "learns" to use the potty and really "pees" and "poops"!

(starving~) (Enjoying~)

my elder brother send me the birthday gift.

our dinner. ha ~

love ths.

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曉琳 胡

Gender female
Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Profile Views 9,048
Member Since January 6, 2009