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Wu Jing is Directing!!!

Legendary Assassin marks Wu Jing's directorial debut.  He's co-directing with Nicky Li. "Set in a remote island, the story revolves around a small-time cop investigating a murder with a mysterious martial arts master as chief suspect." Other cast includes Alex Fong and newcomer Celina Jade. Filming is due soon, with an expected  year-end release.   Read more

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Iron Mask

Finally, Yuen Wo Ping is back to the director's seat, after a decade! (The last work he directed was Legend of Dagger Lee TV series with Jiao En Jun, Wu Jing, Alyssa Chia, Yu Fei Hong, Eddie Ko, Chen Kai etc.) It'sIron Mask(tentative) that was announced at last year's Cannes Film Festival. Not sure if Andy Lau is still attached. They are having acasting call, and have just done location s...Read more

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J&J Project - J vs J vs Y

Inspired mostly by Jet Li on the Mirth of Working with Jackie Chan on Forbidden Kingdom while the last portion inspired by what Tsui Hark says about how She Ain't Mean came about.

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Li Yuan Hunting Xie Miao In Legend of Shaolin Kungfu 2

More awesomeness from Legend of Shaolin Kungfu 2. This footage was shot on digital video camera with the help of a female makeup artist and edited by both Li Yuan and Xie Miao. A very professional job at capturing the scene as well as in editing. And none of them are professionals in these professions of cinematography and editing. (This is not the actual production footage; it's done by the trio - the makeup artist, martial arts actors Li Yuan and Xie Miao - to share with us a thrilling scene from t...Read more

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A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu

《少林寺传奇》 A Legend of Shaolin Kungfu - Heroes in Turbulent Times

Director/Producer: Du Xiao (Lemo Do)

Martial arts choreography: Ching Siu Tung

Main cast

Bao Guo An 鲍国安 - Abbot Zhi Yuan

Li Chong 李冲 - 1st disciple Hui Yuan

Li Yuan 李渊 - 2nd disciple Hui Shi

Ye Jian Wei 叶剑卫 - 3rd disciple Hui Nu

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Flash Point

The movie opens and concludes with Donnie Yen thinking out aloud, "Have I ever wronged anyone? I'll leave it to the judge to decide. I'm a cop... my duty is to catch the thieves." From those words, you can tell that he means business and so does this film. And this pretty much sums up the whole movie, to the point and effective. The elegance of this movie lies in its directness and simplicity. While it follows SPL concept of bad guys get away due to lack of evidence and eventually cops get so pissed off and flout all rules to ge...Read more

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Donnie Yen Interview on Flash Point

Mixed martial arts, a combat sport that has become popular in the West in the recent years, is an effective fighting system that employs a vast array of different martial arts techniques. Each contestant possesses a variety of martial arts techniques such as Jujitsu, boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, etc. I believe this is the most authentic type of combat. I have been researching, studying and learning it. I introduced some of it in SPL - Brazilian Ju-jitsu. Watching Movie>> Read more

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Invisible Target

 The plot which isn't quite there other than to serve as reasons for the over-excessive amount of action scenes. A rather nondescrīpt, mundane, straight plot that lacks suspense and thrill.

Gunplay is too straightforward with both sides blasting away happily in a straightfoward manner without any tension, nor does there seem to be any bullets strafing the surroundings. Despite being an action-packed movie, there are roughly only three major martial arts scenes and while nicely executed, they are ultimately too short, barely lasti...Read more

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Snow White and One Jet Li and Six Shaolin Monks

Latest buzz from Shanghai Daily is that Jet Li and Natalie Portman will be in Snow White and Seven Shaolin Monks. Not sure if Yuen Wo Ping is still the director - the report only names him as martial arts director. Budget is US$70m. Jet Li will lead six other Shaolin warrior monks to protect princess Snow White played by Natalie Portman. The witch stepmother is after Snow White for she holds one of the seven fragments of the broken magic mirror. Whether there'd be a prince charming in the movie is being kep...Read more

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Beijing Wushu Team USA Tour 1996

Beijing Wushu Team USA Tour 1996.

The video:



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The Arctic ice could well be gone by 2012. NE, NW passages have opened up in North Pole for the first time in 125,000 years, Ayles Ice Shelf has broken off, met

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