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Legendary Assassin

The movie itself is more engaging than the action, which is a letdown to genre fans, considering what Nicky Li could come up with in Fatal Move's finale, which is one of the best fights ever. Rather than topping it, they're going downhill, with action that relies too much on editing and overuse of wires at odd moments - this is a contemporary movie where gravity-defying stunts are a taboo. At this rate, it's not going to do his career any good, since even if he doesn't top his previous works, Wu Jing should at least maintai...Read more

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Not bad, some entertaining moments from the wisecracking Dicky Cheung, and the hiding the baby scene, but there's a lack of focus, of general direction, and purpose not only with the script but the characters and fights too. Especially nice to see so many martial artists in one single film. Didn't find it too long, but thought the random events don't add anything to the plot.

Good choreography of Praying Mantis (which is said to be Tsui Siu Ming's forte) and Eagle Claw, but Tai Chi is turned into aggressive rather than softe...Read more

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Ip Man

The first thing you might be asking when you see the movie Ip Man is, who's that guy? Such a humble person with such a collected composure? Is that really Donnie Yen? Yes, it's Donnie Yen, surpassing himself in acting, successfully creating a spanking new image, under Wilson Yip's polished direction and gripping storytelling.


 Ip Man's somewhat an anti-hero, he's not the type to stand up for anything... unless he's really f...Read more

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Wu Jing Going to Direct A Few More Films

Wu Jing mentions at Legendary Assassin press conference that there are three more films that he's going to direct, and this time by himself - a period movie revolving around Tai Chi, a modern actioner and a comedy. The script for the Tai Chi film is more or less ready, and they're already working on preparation.

Since Master of Tai Chi has shown all imaginable aspects of Tai Chi, it'd be really hard to breakthrough. I'm curious how different would he be presenting Tai Chi, and if there'd be...Read more

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Poster for Legendary Assassin

Directed by Wu Jing and Nicky, starring Wu Jing, Celina Jade, Kou Zhan Wen, Aoyama Noriko, Alex Fong, Jiang Bao Cheng, etc.Release date for

Legendary Assassin has been pushed back to Dec 10, which puts in against some serious competitions, such as Tsui Hark's All About Women.

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Ip Man Official Site/Trailer

Official site for Ip Man, directed by Wilson Yip, with action by Sammo Hung, starring Donnie Yen, Lynn Hung, Xing Yu, Fan Siu Wong, Chen Zhi Hui, etc is now up. The awesome trailer is also on the official site.Ip Manwill be out on Dec 19.

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Champions (Duo Biao) Trailer

Champions is Olympics themed wushu movie Tsui Siu Ming prepared a decade or so ago. However, he only waited till this year to shoot the film to coincide with China's hosting of Olympics this year. And it's almost 2 decades since he directed any films. The cast includes Dicky Cheung, Priscilla Wong Tsui Yu, Debbie Goh and 15 martial artists including Xie Miao, Xu Xiang Dong, Yu Rong Guang etc. Opening in theatres in November.

Here ...Read more

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Zhao Wen Zhuo Returns to the Silver Screen in Beggar Su by Yuen Wo Ping

Yuen Wo Ping is directing Su Qi Er with Zhao Wen Zhuo playing the title role. Filming has already begun on Aug 28. Michelle Yeoh has a cameo as a recluse swordswoman who heals the seriously poisoned/mortally wounded Su Qi Er.

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Legendary Assassin Trailer

The much awaited

Legendary Assassin trailer was shown at Hundred Flowers Film Festival and is now available on

Sina.Filming has already been completed and the film is scheduled for November release. Directed by Wu Jing and Nicky Li, starring Wu Jing,

Read more

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Fatal Move

Story is not bad - it's about the fall of Sammo Hung's gang because of one fatal move - that has moral implications - he made, with things starting to go awry gradually. There are some witty lines. In a scene where Sammo Hung's gang are trying out new firearms and they ask him to change his weapon too, Sammo Hung takes out his old and trusty rifle, fires three shots, all hitting bull's eye. And he quips, "It's high time you learnt to be ...Read more

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