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Yuen Wo Ping to direct several movies?

It seems that Yuen Wo Ping had several projects announced at Cannes. Limited editions of press kit containing his proposed works were reported ly distributed to film studios. Apparently, one of them is 《铁面侠》 (Iron Mask Man) which possibly teams him up with Andy Lau and Jeon Do-yeon. But Yuen Wo Ping had a few works earlier that never go in productions yet. Would those be held up again?

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Love the blog :) Do you know anything about Sammo Hungs Howling Arrow? The filming was meant to have started by now???
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Howling Arrow hasn't start filming yet. Yeah, it was announced to start around this time. Haven't heard anything since a few months back. Sammo Hung's now filming another movie Fatal Move. And he's apparently linked to a Shaolin Temple based TV series that would start production soon.
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