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Wu Jing's Blog, City Under Siege

While awaiting and hoping eternally for the activation of Wu Jing here since Feb 2008, Wu Jing finally has his blog launched, but on Sohu. His first entry is about his return to Sichuan for charity activities. So only available in Chinese. Hopefully, he'll have a blog here too, and be able to reach out to English fans.

Anyhow, Wu Jing is now in Hong Kong filming City Under Siege by Benny Chan. Ngai Sing is on board too! Expected to be release no earlier than summer 2010.

"In this film on courage, a group of circus performers goes on a rampage after some kind of mutation, that grants them superhuman abilities, in an accident. However, one of them, an ordinary clown originally, would not condone the others' misdeeds and for the sake of the entire city, stands up against them."

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Does he have a mustache?
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Have not heard from you in some time. Whats going on with you?
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