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Snow White and One Jet Li and Six Shaolin Monks

Latest buzz from Shanghai Daily is that Jet Li and Natalie Portman will be in Snow White and Seven Shaolin Monks. Not sure if Yuen Wo Ping is still the director - the report only names him as martial arts director. Budget is US$70m. Jet Li will lead six other Shaolin warrior monks to protect princess Snow White played by Natalie Portman. The witch stepmother is after Snow White for she holds one of the seven fragments of the broken magic mirror. Whether there'd be a prince charming in the movie is being kept under wraps as the scrīpt is being worked out - which suggests that it'd be a while before production begins.

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The Arctic ice could well be gone by 2012. NE, NW passages have opened up in North Pole for the first time in 125,000 years, Ayles Ice Shelf has broken off, met

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