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Legend of Shaolin Kungfu 3 Begins Production

Legend of Shaolin Kungfu 3 has finally begun production earlier this month. Expected to be released in late 2010.

It's about Emperor Kangxi sending a few Manchu officials, escorted by 8 Shaolin monks, on a  mission bringing a cabalistic chest to the Western Region. Along the way, they are ambushed by Ming loyalists and the crown price's clique who are trying to uncover the secrets that lie within the chest.

Glad to know that Li Yuan, one of the best martial arts stars to emerge from the new generation, will be the best fighter among the monks yet again. Thankfully, they've cut down the number of monks to only 8  this time. There's lack of focus in part 2 due to it having too many main characters - 13 monks. And hope they'll address the crazy editing in part 2 where scenes kept being switched after barely a few lines of dialogue.

Seems that Xu Ming Hu will have a part as one of the 8 monks.

Our favourite baddie Ji Chun Hua will play a Manchu official whose intentions are unclear, bordering between good and evil, but not totally a villain.

More pics on Li Yuan's blog.

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Thanks for keeping us informed! You're the go-to source for kunfu flicks. =)
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You're welcome, though I update my site more regularly than here.
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