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Iron Mask

Finally, Yuen Wo Ping is back to the director's seat, after a decade! (The last work he directed was Legend of Dagger Lee TV series with Jiao En Jun, Wu Jing, Alyssa Chia, Yu Fei Hong, Eddie Ko, Chen Kai etc.) It'sIron Mask(tentative) that was announced at last year's Cannes Film Festival. Not sure if Andy Lau is still attached. They are having acasting call, and have just done location scouting in Yunnan, and is slated to begin filming in around May or so. Hopefully,Wu Jingmay land a role on this project too - after he finishes Wolf Fangs.

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Thanks for the info! I hope you don't mind, but I'm sharing this info with some of the AnD artists.... =D
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Most certainly. Be my guest. News is meant to be shared and spread around before it gets stale. Maybe you could let the AnD News Team know and have it posted on the main page. Though I didn't specifically mention other names, I still hope other new martial arts talent like Philip Ng, Li Yuan, Ian Powers - just to mention a few - would get a chance to work with Eighth Master, The Invincible Maestro of Martial Arts (Choreography), since they'll get to shine under his direction and we get to see solidly choreographed sequences, solidly delivered.
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