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Invisible Target

 The plot which isn't quite there other than to serve as reasons for the over-excessive amount of action scenes. A rather nondescrīpt, mundane, straight plot that lacks suspense and thrill.

Gunplay is too straightforward with both sides blasting away happily in a straightfoward manner without any tension, nor does there seem to be any bullets strafing the surroundings. Despite being an action-packed movie, there are roughly only three major martial arts scenes and while nicely executed, they are ultimately too short, barely lasting a minute or two.

Ken Lo makes an amusing appearance here in the opening though he doesn't fight. But he adds a nice touch of humour as a scaredy cat cop who always fails to rein in the intractable and impulsive Nicholas Tse who always acts on his own. Nicholas Tse is a daredevil in the stuntworks even if they were wire-assisted. Shawn Yu is really cool here. Jaycee is rather adorable here with his goody two shoes cop who does everything to the letter. Don't have much impression on Philip Ng here as an illegal arms dealer but his yellow hair does stand out.

Wu Jing's acting is a bit exaggerated at times in his portrayal of angst and grudge. His backstory doesn't really add much to the plot and the few lines spoken about whatever bonds between him and his gang members are redundant in that they feel more like lipservice since this is better done with actual portrayal such as knowing of the risks of infiltrating the police headquarters, he ties all his comrades up and storms into it alone so as not to sacrifice their lives. Moreover, there should be more communication between Wu Jing and his comrades. The female member (whatever her name is) of his gang appears to be quite capable at handling martial arts scenes.

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Opening weekend box office at HK is a respectable HK$4.6m, while it did not do very well in China at only 12m yuan.

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