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Go karts

Went to play go karts yesterday with the kids and other familys..

First time for Miss D to drive..and she did pretty good..

everyone had fun

I've been doing a lot of thinking these days.. especially after what happened to Japan..

Are you ready for a disaster when it strikes???

I know something will happen in the USA.. just a feeling.......and it's just a matter of time.. WHEN it will happen.....

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Raymond Lam

So what's the deal with him??

he had a gf and the pictures surfaced??? are they NOT allowed to have GF's? I don't get it.?!?!?!

She's hot


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My birthday

Thank you all for the birthday wishes

Monday, went to an all you can eat sushi and drink restaurant.. so it was very worth it for me and my friends.. there were a total of 30 people.. I felt very happy and loved.

Here are some random pictures..... a lot of pretty girls!!!





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Valentine's dinner

We had a double date with another couple.. to a local restaurant called MULAN

It was an ok set dinner.. they gave out free champagne, free teddy bear and a rose.. which was very nice


Shrimp salad

Had mushroom soup.. but it tasted like campbell can soup.. lol

Entree.. duck & Steak.... Shrimp & Salmon

Dessert.. raspberry/brownie

Us with our gifts

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Happy Valentine's day

Looking forward to tonights dinner with Hubby.

I had a tough week last week..... time for some relaxation...

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My dad

I lost my dad last week on Chinese New Year.. he has been battling stomach cancer for the past year...... he left peacefully, no pain nor suffering, with all of us by his side.

I will love you always and forever

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Happy Chinese New Year

I want to wish you all a very happy and wealthy Chinese New Year.

I wish I was in Asia where there's so much festivities to do and see....... unlike in the states... it's just a regular working day


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Ski Trip

This past weekend was our annual ski trip....

and I tried Snowboard for the very first time.. it was very fun.. Miss D was having her lesson, so I decided to give boarding a try.

Miss D did such a good job as a first time skier, I'm so proud of her

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What's happening

My friend from san francisco came to visit me during Christmas - new year...

The first time I saw 2 trees in one day

First was the one at seaport

Then we went to Rockafeller

It sure was a very beautiful tree....... then we walked to 32nd street to have happy hour

my first time having the pomegranitini.. it was YUMMY

She brought my these pair of shoes for christmas.. i love it.. can't wait till summer arrives so I can wear them

Random pic from NYE party.. I was the lady in red

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Happy New Year my friends

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