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We're not ready

With one a few days to go before the Olympics open on Aug. 8, China's work is hardly complete.The government needs to meet its pledge to deliver clean air in one of the world's most polluted cities, since a two-month pollution control came into force in July, factories and heavy industry in several provinces around Beijing are closed for the games, and up to 2 million vehicles have been taken off the roads by using a daily odd or even number plate registration system.I was shocked to read about the story of Sun Ruonan’s bakery shop. Sun's ancestors opened a bakery on the axis south of Tiananmen Square in the 1840s. The city tried to tear down the building last year to plant grass and ornamental shrubs beside the Olympic marathon route. Ms. Sun and her younger sister, (an Australian citizen) refused to vacate.The city has bullied her to leave. One night last year, a bulldozer slammed into the building. Neighbors are paid to keep watch over her, and they have to notify the police when she has guests. Ms. Sun said officials pressed her doctor into refusing to give her care.

Her building is falling apart. The government, for the sake of appearances, has put up scaffolding with green netting around it. As the runners pass her home in August, it will be easy for spectators to miss these posters that beg for help, taped to the door.

A mysterious notice appeared beside the shops, typed on white paper (signed by no one). It read, “In keeping with the government’s request to rectify the Olympic environment, a wall will need to be built around No. 93 South Tianqiao Road.” Several workers left a pile of red bricks on the sidewalk. The next morning, they returned, wearing sandals and straw hats, accompanied by the police and local officials. They set to work laying brick the following morning.A veil of green plastic netting now covers several shops, now surrounded by a 10-foot-tall brick wall, other unfinished buildings are either demolished or covered up, part of a last-minute beautification campaign.

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That's such a shame so many are displaced so Beijing can put up a pretty show. And the toxic air isn't going to help the outdoor athletes very much. BJ just can't clean up the atmosphere bc it's been toxic for so long.
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Gosh! so hideous ... but I read in the news today that the air pollution has not improve much
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Western media is having a field day by pointing out the failures. This puts constant pressure on the Chinese government. So I can see why the government are reluctant to give full media coverage to the press, I must admit the Chinese government has opened it's doors to the world compared to the China 20 years ago, but now the abuse of government power is clearer than before..., It's helpless for the Chinese citizens.. and quite heartbreaking to read..
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hehe, he said, no.
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