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                On Nov 6th,the 2nd International Uveitis,3rd Asia--Pacific Introcular Inflammation and 8th Chinese Ocular Immunology Symposium was hold in Chongqing.I`m honored to got this opportunity to participate in this symposium.


There were a lot of Ophthalmic  experts  from many countries attended the meeting.They conveyed  the latest progress abou...Read more

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            Hi,my friends.It`s really be a long time no blog.hope everyone is well.I just  finished my trip from 6 cities with my Mum a week ago.I would like to share my happiness with all of u.

now show u some pics:

here is Shajiabang.It`s a revolutionary education base.At here,I learned a lot of great deeds during the War of Resistance Against Japan.Please pay tribute to the revolutionaries.

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Its really been a long time no blog.Cause very busy these days,Im sorry for no contacting with my friends here during these months.

1 anniversary of 5.12 earthquake is coming.As i know, a lot of celebrities and Charity people will come to Sichuan to show their love.Be a girl who is studing Clinical Medicine in Sichuan,I appreciate all the people from all over the world who help the disaster people to rebuild their homes,especially the people come from we Chinese.I can feel the power of love.

these are temporary clas...Read more

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Help me buy a new Camera

                Few days ago,my camera was broken down.So i need a new one now. Cause I have no in-depth study of digital products, I do not know which is better.My friend Sean suggested me write a blog entry to get various advices.I think that is a good idea.If anybody see this passage please leave your great suggestions.I really wonder know something about cameras.Thanks for your help.

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Back now

          Im back now.I  feel terrible sorry for no contacting with u for such a long time.Im gratitude for so many friends here concerning about my exam.Hope more exchanges with u here.

          All the best wo all of u!

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Waiting for me

                      I have a very important exam on Jan10th.So,I have not too much spare time to update my blog and exchange with u frequently.But this sitiation will not last long.2 Month is not a long time,right?I`ll be back in 2 month,and also I need your support.Wish I succeed in the coming test.Thanks a lot.

         Waiting for me......


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National Holiday

                   Have not go out to relax for a long time.Today is the National Holiday.I have a good time to climb the famous Mountain called Fangshan.I have burn incense and pray.I wish my dream will come true.haha~



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Just want to share with u

             Last weekend I have gone to another city to see my friends.I have a very good time with them.


                  One of my best friends.


                I attend a surgery in their hospital which make me specially unforgettable. these pics are taken before i enter the surgery....Read more

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Super Star

         He is a cute baby of one of my sister`s friend. With super star's potential, very lovable! When he grow up,there must be many fans.

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Enjoy Spring


               It is so hard to get the time to go out with my friends to relax.The spring is almost over.But the outside scenery was still very attractive.I love the NATURE.


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Welcome to my space.Thanks for dropping by!If you want to let us become friends, please send to my mailbox.My e-mail address is liqian1987369@yahoo.com

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