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Do you still remember what anime you watch when childhood? I still remember when i was a children i do watched quite a lot of anime. Every weekend going out with my mum sure will stay so long time at the video shop until i get a VHS Video Cassette which recorded my favorite anime Sailormoon. I bet so many people like my age have seen this anime before. Read more

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What Lead For This

Reading another sad story about artist suicide from South Korea entertainment circle. This time is Park Yong-Ha who ended his life at his home in such young age 32yrs.

I was reading an articles where South Korean has the highest suicide cases among other countries.

"South Korea has the highest suicide rate among the 30 nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperat...Read more

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Player Console

I hope I'm a player console sometime PLAYthe movie of my life

PAUSE the moment of sweetness

STOP all the sad scene

REWIND the time back to the starting point

RECORD every moment of the historical in your life

FORWARDthose unhappy and unwanted...Read more

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MayDay DNA 2010

Almost 2year i waited for them to come over Malaysia to held concert. 050610 is a dream come true day where finally a super band Mayday to realize all their fans dream and wish to held awesome concert in Putra Stadium.

Like everyone out there im one of their fans of their music where their passion toward music never end with an awesome lyric from ah shin(vocal) and sensation power of performance always bring the best to their fans. Did enjoyed to concert to the max till i forgot the sickness i haven't recover yet...sore th...Read more

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Miserable Creatures

Women really a miserable creatures. Sometime she can be very happy and a minute later can be very moody and sad.

This is what to describe my emotion right now in this moment.

Something i think i dint done bad thing to others but somehow people will treat you in the way that hurt you.

I think this is what people called life. Many people told me that nowadays people use to think what benefits them before others.

I cant control how people going to judge me where all the thing is depend to them.

...Read more

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Turn Off Your Bulb

Today our local time 8.30pm local time we will turn off our light bulb where to create awareness to protect our world from global warming.Are you going to support?

Only now i realize when stay at the biggest city, here never have shortage power supply. I think 365...Read more

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Earth Hour 2010

The view of KL tower from my house before and after of the campaign of Earth Hour 2010 to switch off the light an hour from 8.30pm - 9.30pm local time.

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Behind the story

Today just browsing around the Utube to watch some cool news....what i get is now "the most hot topic in internet and paper even some taiwan reality show also imitated this person"...and this person is " 犀利哥"

This guy is a vagrant who living in the corner of street in one of the city in china almost 1oys. The story is he going out from his hometwn 10yrs ago to
find a good living life for their family. But sooner he disappear and
lost contact with their family.

why he become famous?

...Read more
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Pray for the world, pray for Haiti

Just couple weeks we stepped into 2010, natural disaster come attacked again where this time Haiti become the victim of 7.0 magnitude quake that hit Haiti's capital on Tuesday. More feared thing is the estimation of death might can reach 100,000 people...gosh....

After reading a news, my mind stuck for a while thinking how this thing gonna happen?? what happen to our...Read more

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An Inspiration Interview from Van Ness Wu

Today me and my other colleagues is talking about VanNess Wu about his new drama Next Stop, Happiness. First of all it really gv me surprised of his acting skill where he really improve a lot....

For sake of reason this few month i really seldom go online to this community forum to read those articles that sharing by all valuable artistes. But i did go to VanNess blog to catch up so of the his articles that he sharing.

one of my colleague send me the clip that been aired into TW television station wh...Read more

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