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Skinning Live Animals!

A friend told me about this a few months ago. It's absolutely horrendous. I could only watch it half way. Sorry to have to share this, i know it's horrible  but if more people knew what happens then maybe they would stop wearing and buying fur. Please try to pass this one around.


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haha ok I've been pretty slack with this blogging thing.. :)

Went to the Stereophonics concert a few weeks ago in HK...

They were pretty good...Before I went to the concert I only really knew and liked one of their songs "Maybe tomorrow"..But after the concert I listened to their songs again and really fell in love with them. Dakota is such a great catchy song. Was listening to that song on repeat for 2 weeks straight after the concert. When they rocked up on stage it was pretty funny to see a bunch of middle aged dudes wearing leather jackets on stage under the blazing lights. I was sweating standing infront of the stage, imagine how they must have been boiling to death on stage and they still didn't take their jackets off..haha..the things u gotta do to look like a rock star.There weren't that many ppl at the concert and as usual the hk crowd was pretty lame and non enthusiastic. They put on a good show eventhough the guitarist bored of his wits.There were so few ppl there i wonder how they even make money out of coming to places like HK. No wonder no one comes here to play. The singers vocals were pretty spot on, sounded exactly like the CD i was impressed. It is such a natural high for me when i get to see bands that are good. I was rushing and so excited after the concert that I couldnt even sleep when I got home. It just feels so surreal and I get starstruck when I get to see my favourite artists upclose!

The following week I went to see Alicia Keyes. I have 3 of her albums and i think she is damn good. Unfortunately my seats were so far back that it was like a whole football fields length away from the stage :( Needless to say i could'nt see shit. so watched the entire concert on the TV screen.

Her vocals were very good but they kinda remixed and free styled on a lot of the songs. like one song they added this whole samba feel to it. which totally ruined it. First of all I really hate that kind of music, and I guess at the end of the day I guess I wanted to hear the songs the way I always listen to them at home.

All in all I didnt enjoy this concert as much since it didnt really feel like a real concert. It just felt like I was watching it on my telly at home.

The next one I'm going to see is the Kooks. I have been listening to their albums over and over again everyday for the past month. They are my favourite band of the moment, I haven't liked a band so much in a long time and I am seriously psyched for this one!! I can't wait!!

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My first blog entry ever!

Can you believe it's taken me this long to write my first blog entry ever!

Took me a while but here I am! :)

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