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Designing is such a tough job

My first partywear collection is still on the way and hopefully the sample sale will get started very soon! I'll post a few designs in a few days

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas means much to me and my family as it's my dad's birthday. I ordered a lovely birthday cake for my dad today. Wish him a very happy birthday and a lot more happiness to come next year!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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I was shocked that one of the greatest people passed away. What he did has changed the way people live and think and entertain. To me, he is like a company who always show his passion to pursue his dreams. What we lost is really a dreamer, doer and mentor. R.I.P Steve Jobs

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I was given a blouse bought by my mom some years ago. It's a pink blushed one with pussybow. Gotta wear it tomorrow with boyfriend jeans and suede shoe boots... well... i may need a sheepskin waistcoat in beige.

Photo is coming up soon!

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Happy Birthday, Daniel!

It's Daniel's birthday today. A very very happy birhtday to you!

As a big fan, I've been influenced by some of Daniel's great point of views, such as: stick to your dream, environmental friendly,etc. Well, I do appreciate Daniel's hard work on film and other projects, which has been bringing a lot of fun and encouragement.

I'd like to share some of my collection like clippings with you guys. Just can't believe that I did those clippings 10 years ago. Here we go,

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my online shop is under construction


my online shop is being constructed and hopefully will reopen next monday. i have dreams and i would love to try everything out to make my dreams come true. I rather face to all the failures than live like a work slave.

what i'm doing is to promote what i called party culture. parties, clubbings or pubs are not the places where bad girls are going to, well, from a traditional thinking, but a place to relax yourself, get to know social skills, or test your dress-up  techniques. really wanna tell the g...Read more

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the apprentice uk 2011

Compared to The Apprentice USA, i like the UK version more.  Selling and marketing skills, it's as simple as that, but very inspirational.


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A fantastic job Daniel Wu has done

i was invited to watch Daniel's latest film Overheard2. wow, i have to say it is a great film production and it has got everything that a good film needs to, including actors, soundtrack, pictures, etc. well, i'm not gonna discribe every single picture, but leave it for you guys to watch.

what i've been thinking about is what the right way is to revenge. is there a win-win situation? would it be meant to be like that? well, Daniel has no choice but sacrify himself in the film, at least, he fights back an...Read more

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  I've been a fan of Daniel Wu for 10 years, woooohoooooooo!!!!!!

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My own career has just started

Never dreamed of working for Hilton, never been passionate about setting up a company... that's why life is full of adventures and possibilities.... and that's why I love living my life....

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