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Christmas already in Hong kong!

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My iPadpad i噼噼

Just a joke on the iPad cause with the smart cover look like a kind of cushion if you are not careful you might really sit on it while it is not build for that.

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Easter special 復活節

Dai Fu Lou Easter special showing you how to cook an egg and also how to make an egg cup! Download the Dai Fu Lou Egg cup undies below. Eggcup Undies

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Panter print undie ( 豹紋底褲 )

A funny comedic short about a funny Cantonese gag / joke about panter print undies which in Cantonese sound like they have two meanings, one is the actually panter print underwear but the other meaning is underwear smelling panter.


Props, filmed and edited by Chung Dha

Voice by Jona Lam

This comedic short was made possible by

Chung Dha http://www.chungdha.nl ChairmenHK


Read more

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Pantsu meet a new Friend !!

Pantsu was walked past Olympic Mall in HK, and went to an exhibition. 


Woo !! look at that, It called the Rubber Man ...


Pantsu: I do really want one ... Iet's send Da...Read more

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First exhibit in Hong Kong


Actually very showing very special product one is the animated book of Dai Fu Lou. Also very first time we did a crossover and we made a plush toy of Cotton Candy X Dai Fu Lou which is super funny but also learned allot about making a plush. ccsRead more

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Dai Fu Lou billboard!


What is a better way to promote than having a big ass banner in the middle of the most busy street in Mong Kok!


As you might see it, both are the same photo, its just a photoshop but still well done hehe.

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Live Action Dai Fu Lou!


After testing out the small paper version though: Why not just make a big one!

DSC00928Read more

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Bus app for Nokia Competition!!!

For those in China go below and watch the video with the 56 player.

Check for more info at Nokia App comeptition in the link below:


This app is mostly frustration for people riding the bus in Hong Kong mostly no real indications of where you are, and when riding the light / mini bus you need to indicate to the bus driver yourself where yo...Read more

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First time in 3d!!!

3d paper mask

After hours of sketching and finally found the design of Dai Fu Lou we wanted to finally see Dai Fu Lou in 3d in the real shape. We eventually make 2 designs and printed them out and put them together. One is a perfect realistic underwear shape and the other is just flat and squared, while bother looks coo...Read more

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Coolest funniest but also interesting character. Dai Fu Lou meaning in Cantonese Underwear man, is a special character made for showing off what normally is not


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April 30, 2009