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Busy 6 hours

I'm so screwed tonight hahaha

I have a whole 8-pg paper to do that I haven't even looked at the prompt for and an RA project but I think I can pull that off.  I just need some practice.  Hahahaha

I have the whole night to do my paper... No sleep tonight

Tonight I'm eating with my CASA peeps!! YAY!!!

I'm giving up calling my friend at night for lent [but I'm not Catholic]

Here is the funny thing...I...Read more

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Happy Valentine's Day...

Hope you guys all had a Happy Valentine's Day cuz I know I had a great one!

Love comes in many different forms and you have to realize that perhaps love between a guy and girl is one of the most superficial types of loves.

I'm not going back again but just out of habit... and the sake of one of my greatest loves...

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Raining Sunshine...Blowing Rain...

Today I came out of French and it was raining cats and dogs.   I really don't like rainy days because they are always so cold and wet.  I suppose I wouldn't mind being wet if it weren't so capable of making things clingy afterwards.  I really hate the cold.   The funny thing is I actually saw a guy walking in this freezing cold, windy, rain topless.  I suppose if you really wanted to show off your body that bad its probably better to wait till a sunny day but then I guess you're nipples aren't perky.  Th...Read more

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It's pouring tonight and it rarely rains here

The sound of rain reminds me of you

The sight of it is so beautiful but yet so bittersweet because it reminds me of you

I can't be with you

The more wonderful something is, the more I want you to be the one I share it with

The cold symphony makes me miss your warmth

I can't be vulnerable any longer

I just need you but I'll learn...

How I wish the rain would bring you back

I just want to spend  every rainy day entwined ...Read more

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Next week is a busy week

I've got two big midterms that require intense studying + 1 prospectus + 1 x 10 pg paper on politics and ideology.

I seem to have not been updating my blog often enough.  I keep coming on to look at other stuff but it jut seems like I keep avoiding making posts. 

So I suppose I should do a brief updated...

Last Sunday we had a Mandarin table that was really fun.  Bryan actually came so that was very nice of him to come so far.  Then Sunday night was staff meeting.  I had a midterm on Thursday...Read more

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All nighter...kinda...

It's 5:30 AM

My first semi-all-nighter

I'm ready for bed now...kinda

BTW...I think I'm back to normal now


it takes a lot less to get btter the more u have to go through it guess

Had a "photoshoot" on Sunday

My mom made the whole family sick today...we all threw up >____<

All better now

Everything is OK for now

I just need to concentrate on school now! Sorry for writing in fragme...Read more

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Day 1 Reminders...

  • waking up at around 5:30 and then at 6 in the morning

  • Feeling calm and relax and distant

  • Walking into class and going through the lesson until the prof. mentions Peter the Great of Russia...I swear I could smell him everytime that name was said >___<

  • Going into French and reading a story about childhood acquaintances meeting on coincidence and a series of other coincidences and then finally going out

  • Meeting a friend and having to fill her in with the whole situ...Read more

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For some reason since his reappearance i haven't been able to sleep very well.  I keep waking up very early [This morning being the earliest 5-ish...forced myself to go back to sleep tho].  I've been waking up cold and internally stiff...not like when u sleep the wrong way and get your neck...its like this dull ache from shoulder to neck to back kinda thing that's so subtle u almost cant feel it.  Nothing but tension.

But anyway...this morning I woke up feeling much much better.  I thank my wonderful friends for being there for...Read more

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The New Year


I realized I haven't blogged in a while and a lot of good things have happened since my last blog [Many small happy things and also a few big bad things].  First of all Happy New Year!!! to y'all [I'd wish you guys M er ry C hr is tm as but it seems a bit late for that :(]

School has started and I'm excited for 2 of my 4 classes.  The club I am is doing well but I'm going to have to put in a lot of time this quarter.  MWF are my light days.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a day full of classes.  THe b...Read more

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First day of school

Finished for the day since I only had 2 classes.  Attempted to study at the library but its kinda hard when there's nothing to study yet.  One of the books isn't in the library system yet and the other was at another part of campus that I didn't feel like going to

But ya...work up at 6:45.  Still managed to be almost late for my first class cuz I was eating slow and thinking "wow I got up so early there's plenty of time..."

Probably scared one of the gi...Read more

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I'll try to write more blogs as often as I can &gt;___&lt; Being in love is a wonderful thing but also a luxury that few can afford... 情绪发泄的地点...只不过是化学造成的

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